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TeraDiode Announces Sales of Multikilowatt Ultra-High Brightness Direct Diode Lasers



Wilmington, Mass., 8 April, 2013 –TeraDiode has announced shipments of multi-kilowatt high brightness TeraBlade™ lasers to major machine tool and automotive welding manufacturers in Europe and Japan.  These shipments usher in the third generation of metal cutting and welding industrial lasers, disrupting the status quo for cost and efficiency and opening applications that were cost-prohibitive for previous generations.

The first use of TeraBlade multikilowatt direct diode lasers for remote welding will be unveiled at the Japan International Welding Show (JIWS) by Panasonic Welding Systems Co., Ltd. (Toyonaka, Osaka) in their Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution (LAPRISS).  JIWS takes place April 23rd through April 26th, 2014 at TOYKO BIG SIGHT.  TeraDiode will also be exhibiting at JIWS.  A 4kW TeraBlade-4000 laser system will be on display at Booth A-23 of TeraDiode’s representative Feira, Co. Ltd.
The TeraBlade platform benefits from a combination of economy of scale of semiconductor diode laser array chips and Wavelength Beam Combination (WBC), an MIT patented technology that enables the combination of energy from thousands of individual emitters into a single laser beam while preserving the beam quality needed for cutting and welding applications.   WBC is unique for its inherent capability to preserve the wall-plug efficiency of direct diode lasers while delivering the high brightness previously achieved only by lasers requiring more complicated gain/feedback architectures.  In fact, the TeraBlade lasers shipped with wall-plug efficiencies of 40%, far surpassing first generation CO2 and lamp pumped rod lasers that are approximately just 10% efficient as well as second generation diode pumped disk and fiber lasers that are roughly just three times more efficient than their predecessors. 

4kW is currently the highest power available in the product line, based on 600W TeraBlade modules.  The TeraBlade-4000 has a center wavelength of 970nm and a 100-micron delivery fiber; versions are available with beam parameter products of under 4mm-mrad for cutting and under 6mm-mrad for remote welding.  Its modular architecture makes the TeraBlade platform field serviceable and scalable to higher powers.
Dr. Parviz Tayebati, CEO of TeraDiode stated, “Already, our first pilot production shipments have indeed fulfilled the vision of the third generation of high brightness industrial lasers by surpassing incumbents in efficiency and being similar in cost. Next year we will double power and improve beam quality and efficiency, while minimally changing the TeraBlade platform, and repeat these advances again the following year.”  We will also introduce new wavelengths and introduce innovations in beam manipulation and system design to enable our customers to further differentiate their products.”

Innovations for doubling power, with improved beam quality and efficiency, are being incorporated into the 1.3kW TeraBlade module.  These higher brightness modules enable the TeraBlade platform to scale up to 10kW and serve a wide range of applications in the cutting and welding markets; such higher brightness direct diode lasers will be introduced in the coming quarters.

About TeraDiode

TeraDiode is the leader in commercializing high brightness direct diode laser technology.  .Based on wavelength beam combining, TeraDiode lasers provide the cutting and welding performance needed for industrial metal processing, while having the highest electrical efficiency available. WBC was invented and patented by MIT and is exclusively licensed to TeraDiode, which now also has its own patents in WBC. Many experts consider direct diode lasers as the future of industrial laser material processing. TeraDiode is backed by investments from Stata Venture Partners, Argonaut Equity Partners, and Camros Capital. More information about TeraDiode can be found at


Published Date : 4/15/2014

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