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Consortium Formed to Create Standards for the Industrial Internet

Patrick Waurzyniak








By Patrick Waurzyniak
Senior Editor

A group of companies led by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel today announced the formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC; Needham, MA) that aims to develop standards for interoperability and architectures for the integration of physical devices with the digital world on the Internet.

The IIC is an open membership, not-for-profit group that will focus on breaking down the barriers of technology silos in order to better access data with the smart, interconnected devices of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to the aforementioned founding companies, members of the IIC include Mitre Corp., PrismTech, Purfresh, Real-Time Innovations, and Vanderbilt University.

Management of the consortium will be handled by the Object Management Group (OMG; Needham, MA), an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry standards consortium. Richard Soley, chairman and CEO of OMG, will head up the IIC as executive director.

“The Industrial Internet is ushering in a new era of explosive industry growth and innovation, unlike anything we've seen in decades,” said Soley in a statement. “OMG has spearheaded technological developments that have and will continue to enable the Industrial Internet. We are applying our 25 years of experience to the IIC to set the groundwork for the technological revolution to come."

Given the importance of the technology, the federal government is investing over $100 million per year in research and development related to cyberphysical systems, according to the IIC, and it has been partnering with the private sector on a series of testbeds in areas such as healthcare, transportation, smart cities, and increasing the security of the electric grid.

The Industrial Internet and IoT is growing very rapidly, connecting such devices like the Fitbit Force for health monitoring and ski-slope grooming machines to the Internet, noted Tom Shoemaker, vice president, Solutions Marketing, PTC Inc. (Needham, MA), developer of Windchill PLM. PTC recently acquired ThingWorx, the creator of a platform for developing IoT applications, and Shoemaker discusses the technology in the upcoming article “Connecting the Digital World with the Factory Floor” in the April 2014 issue of Manufacturing Engineering magazine. “This Industrial Internet, or the ‘Internet of Things’ is a huge issue that is going to be even bigger,” Shoemaker said.

As founding members of the IIC, AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel will each hold permanent seats on an IIC Steering Committee along with four elected members. The fee structure and membership application forms are available at IIC’s Web site; visit or call 781-444-0404 for more information.

Published Date : 3/27/2014

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