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SME Journal Articles Featured in Additive Manufacturing Virtual Issue

By Ellen Kehoe
Senior Editor

The additive manufacturing process has been the subject of intense research and development over the last 30 years. A virtual special issue, with papers previously published by Elsevier, including five from SME’s Journal of Manufacturing Processes, illustrates the current state of the art and trends in development. The chief editors of Automation in Construction, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Journal of Manufacturing Processes and Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing selected the best papers on additive manufacturing published in their respective journals.

Additive manufacturing has progressed from the first rapid production of prototypes of complex shapes, mainly made by photo polymerization and having low mechanical properties, to new methods and materials of various compositions that have given 3D printing commercial success in almost limitless application areas. Finished parts can now be produced that possess a degree of structural integrity suitable for real-world engineering use, for example, finished components for aerospace and automotive applications.

Mask projection large-area stereolithography

Currently, many cost-effective additive manufacturing machines are on the market, encouraging process developments in many areas of manufacture. The range of feasible shapes is almost limitless and new applications are being explored almost daily. It appears that “additive manufacture” has sparked a new revolution in manufacturing engineering. This is due in part to innovative technology that enables complex parts to be made to quantity and to order. Also it is likely to have far-reaching effects on global supply chains resulting from the flexibility and versatility of machines and the ease with which skill in using them may be attained.

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Published Date : 3/24/2014

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