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AeroDef 2014: Gantry Mill/Trim Machine


The new modular Precision Mill/Trim (PMT) system is a five-axis gantry machine tool for high-speed multiprocessing of large nonferrous components, such as composite structures, aluminum AeroDef 2014: Gantry Mill/Turn Machineskins and fabrications, molds, patterns, and post-cure cutouts in foam and sandwich structures. In addition to milling, drilling and trimming, the highly configurable PMT is designed to use various special heads, such as waterjet, finishing tools, and a system for precision control of countersink depth. The PMT’s design and capabilities offer shops an affordable, multipurpose platform for fast, accurate large-part finishing processes. The machine’s unlimited X axis is complemented by its configurable Y axis of 2-6 m; Z axis of 1, 1.5 or 2 m; feed rates up to 60 m/min; five-sided part access; and optional precision scale feedback. The compact dual-axis rotary spindle head is powered by direct-drive torque motors with encoder feedback, providing 220° of A-axis tilt and standard 550° of C-axis rotation. The system is available with a Siemens 840sl or Fanuc 31i CNC.

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Published Date : 2/7/2014

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