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WEISS North America Announces Key Hires

Willoughby, OH-January 2014--Industry leading specialist for rotary tables and automation WEISS North America, Inc. (Willoughby, OH), is anticipating an aggressive product growth trajectory to coincide with its planned 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility expansion by the end of 2014. To facilitate these advancements, WEISS has recently announced two pivotal hires – Josh Treter / Product Sales Manager-Direct Drives & Keith Griffin / Business Unit Manager. 


In addition to recent extensive experience as a sales engineer at Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH), Josh Treter brings a heavy technical background dating back to years in the aviation sector – even as a former pilot.
Josh Treter
Given this depth of hands-on technical expertise, Treter will focus his attention on expanding sales of WEISS’ dynamic Direct Drive line of linear and torque motor products in the marketplace. According to Treter, “All products in the line offer exemplary quality, speed, and accuracy for a wide-range of automated small parts assembly applications including; automotive, packaging, medical, and beyond.”

At the epicenter of new products on the immediate horizon is the introduction of WEISS’ HP 70T which features a unique ‘knuckle‘ design on the y/z axis that essentially eliminates the need for another linear motor for the z axis.

Treter plans on working hands-on with sales reps in key growth territories throughout the US, Canada, Mexico. Treter emphasized that, “The goal is to supply them with extensive engineering and marketing support to help educate the market as to the lines’ advanced benefits while providing complex, customer-specific solutions.”

Finally, Treter noted that an essential part of this eductation will focus on implementing the user-friendly WEISS Application Software (WAS) in the field for clients. Used throughout all freely programmable WEISS products, the graphic user interface series is highly intuitive and uniform −providing faster set-up and smooth operation to save customers valuable time and cost.


Leverageing over twenty years of engineering experience with Fusion Systems Group (Willoghby, OH), Keith Griffin will serve as WEISS’ Business Unit Manager − spearheading a focus on assisting integrators from A-Z on comprehensive WEISS systems.
Keith Griffin
With an extensive history in designing and fabricating custom automation machines, Griffin’s focus at WEISS will be to get involved with machine builders and engineers upfront in designing a core package and designing out for more efficient production results.

According to Griffin, “Our problem-solving, consultative approach will encompass a broad spectrum ranging from machine frames, risers for index tables, stationary plates, CAD models, pick-place systems, indexing units, etc. The goal is to design a one-stop, ship assembled, value-added framework for optimal results.” To streamline this process further, Griffin is also at the forefront of launching a SolidWorks portal that will allow customers to quickly share CAD files.

Griffin also noted that the 2014 expansion of the WEISS manufacturig facility will drive this philosphy even further stating, “New capital equipment will vastly increase our in-house capabilities of tool plate machining and machine frame fabrication. Ultimately it will drive our goals of more efficient production, faster turnaround, better pricing and delivery.” 


Corporate Profile: An integral part of the Weiss global network, Weiss North America (ISO-9001 Certified) leverages over 45 years of reliable world-wide expertise to comprise an integrative, customer-specific approach to its vast array of electromechanical products. Our 100% vertical range of manufacturing ranges from rotary indexing tables, handling systems, and linear assembly systems−providing flexible technology for turnkey solutions that incorporate electronics, mechanical systems, software, and comprehensive engineering support. This enables us to provide pre-installed, intelligent, and highly convenient solutions for the entire field of kinematics.


Published Date : 1/30/2014

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