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LaunchPoint: Blasting Barriers

 Larissa Hofman







By Larissa Hofman
Director of Communications
Edge Factor

Minneapolis, MN (JAN. 15, 2014) - “If it’s broken, fix it!” has always been Louis Maltese’s approach to mechanics. Even before he started Kindergarten, Louis would take machines apart and put them back together without any help - including his mother’s exercise bike! His mechanical aptitude and ability to find solutions to technological challenges has proved to be incredibly valuable.

As a teenager, Louis purchased broken down vintage cars and problematic gaming consoles, repaired the broken parts, and resold them. With the profit he received, Louis was able to pay for his 2 year education in advanced manufacturing at Hennepin Technical College in Minneapolis! In the midst of all this, Louis bravely pushed through the pain and symptoms that accompany Crohn’s disease and held to his dream of becoming a pro manufacturer. One of his instructors at Hennepin’s Haas Technical Education Center was Robert Lund. “Louis set his sights on a machine tool career and remained focused on attaining his goal. He is ever focused on quality and workmanship,” Robert reflected.

At a career day at Hennepin, Eric Galush and Matthew Morrow from Graco Inc. presented to the students. Graco is a manufacturing company that produces a wide variety of fluid handling applications, from machines that squeeze tomato paste onto pizzas to machines that give cars a high-gloss finish. After hearing that Graco was looking for new hires, Louis became determined to launch his career there. Seeing Louis’ eagerness and knowing that he had the skills to back up that passion, Eric and Matthew felt confident that he would make a great addition to their team and offered him a job as a CNC machinist! “When I offered him the position, he would not stop smiling. I will always remember how happy he was when he received the offer,” Eric recalled. “Louis brings his excitement to work everyday. He masters new challenges quickly and his enthusiasm excites others to work with him,” Matthew commented.

In the upcoming years, Louis will work on new product development, train other machinists and program the newest CNC and inspection equipment. According to Eric, “The sky's the limit for Louis if he wants to continue working at Graco.  He could even be a machining engineer someday. Graco has several avenues and opportunities for hard working and dedicated employees.” Louis’ diligence and enthusiasm has opened up amazing doors to continue his education and take his career to the next level. He’s only 20 years old, but he is well on his way with a successful career! For Louis Maltese, this is his LaunchPoint.

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Published Date : 1/15/2014

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