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SME Board Members to be Recognized During 2014 STEP Awards Dinner

Two SME Board of Directors—Sandra Bouckley and Edye Buchanan, CMfgT— are slated to be recognized for their achievements at the 2014 STEP Awards Dinner Program held on February 6 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC.

Bouckley is VP of Operations-Electrical Systems and Services Group-Electrical Sector for Eaton Corp. and is currently serving as SME’s secretary/treasurer, while Buchanan, a product manager for Fives North American Combustion Inc., is in her second term as an SME International Director.

Sandra BouckleyEdye Buchanan

In addition to the SME board members, two board members from the SME Education Foundation, Elizabeth Kautzmann and Sue Shimoyama, are also being honored.  Kautzmann is Program Manager Laser/Fabrication, for FANUC America. Shimoyama is Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing Operations, for Rockwell Automation.

Elizabeth KautzmannSue Shimoyama

In all, the Manufacturing Institute announced they will award 160 recipients with the Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Award.

The STEP Awards identify and highlight women who have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing. It recognizes women at all levels of manufacturing, from the factory floor to the C-suite. The awards are part of the Manufacturing Institute’s larger STEP Ahead initiative and was founded last year to examine and promote the role of women in science, technology, engineering and production through recognition, research and best practices for attracting, advancing and retaining strong female talent.

The full list of honorees includes:

Sandy Abel
Micro Facture                           

KarrieLee Abelein 
Lockheed Martin              

Stephanie Adams 
Accuform Manufacturing, Inc.               

Megan Agrafiotis 
LORD Corporation              

Grace Allen 
Procter & Gamble               

Monica Arias 
Pratt & Whitney              

Jane Arnold
Bayer MaterialScience               

Kimberly Arrigoni 
Haberman Machine              

Claire Backer 
Jost Chemical Co.               

Donna Bailey 
Roy O. Martin              

Tracy Baker 
DIRTT Environmental Solutions               

Deborah Balogun 
Noven Pharmaceuticals              

Brenda Baron 
Implant Sciences Corporation               

Alexis Beckford-Knighton 
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc.              

Mary Bell 
Caterpillar, Inc.               

Jill Bellak 
MBX Systems              

Maria Betancourt 
ConMed Linvatec               

Stacey Bibik 
Stacy Machine and Tooling              

Elizabeth Bierman 
Honeywell Aerospace               

Laura Lee Bocade 
DIRTT Environmental Solutions              

Katie Boor 
Ingersoll Rand               

Sandra Bouckley 
Eaton Corp.              

Tara Boutin 
Sandvik Coromant               

Dawn Braswell 
Siemens Energy, Inc.              

Christi Brazener 
Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.             

KT Brickman 
Custom Processing Services            

Edye Buchanan 
Fives North American Combustion Inc.             

Karen Buerkle 
John Deere Waterloo Works            

Beth Burt 
Sandvik Coromant             

Becky Campbell 
Baker Hughes            

Karen Childs 
Caterpillar, Inc.              

Dianna Clute 
Caterpillar, Inc.            

Linda Cohen 
ConMed Corporation             

Eileen Competti 
Babcock and Wilcox            

Felica Coney 
Procter & Gamble             

Patricia Conrad 
Baker Hughes            

Erin Cuellar 
AGCO Corporation             

Stephanie Davis 
Ingersoll Rand - Club Car            

Tanya DiSalvo 
Criterion Tool             

Celeste Dowdy 
HOERBIGER Corporation of America            

Candace Drahn 
M's Machine and Manufacturing, Inc.             

Altheha DrePaul 
EJ Ajax            

Jada Dressler 

Cally Edgren 
Rockwell Automation            

Susan Elkington 
Toyota Motor Corporation - Toyota City, Japan             

Elizabeth Engels
The Timken Company            

Debbie Freligh 
Westminster Tool             

Tamara Friese 
Sharretts Plating Co, Inc.            

Andrea Funk 
Cambridge Lee Industries LLC             

Barbara Garrison 
Exxel Outdoors Inc.            

Carla Gasparin 
AGCO Corporation             

Jonna Gerken 
Pratt & Whitney            

Lisa Gilkinson 
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc.             

Jessica Glover 
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc.            

Peggy Gulick 
AGCO Corporation             

Rosa Gutierrez 
Baker Hughes            

Lisa Habe 
Interlake Industries, Inc.             

Darlene Hansford 
Industrial Metal Plating            

Meggan Harris 
Pratt & Whitney           

Pamela Hart 
Stella-Jones Corporation          

Christi Hartman 
Metaldyne Powertrain Group Operations           

Mary Beth Heydrick 
The Dow Chemical Company          

Jennifer Hise 

 Diane Hitt 
East Coast Erosion Blankets

Afton Hollertz 
Allmand Bros., Inc.

Alisa Hoskins 
Central Florida Box

JP Huang 
LORD Corporation

Sandy Hunter 
Hunter Hawk, Inc.

Sarah Hutten
Stay Online Corporation

Carol Jackson 
Carpenter Technology

Marisa Jimenez 
Lockheed Martin

Jeanne Johns 

Jill Jones 
Brown-Forman Corporation

Rachel Joseph 
Southeastern Container, Inc.

Colleen Kassera 
Rockland Flooring

Elizabeth Kautzmann 
FANUC America

Shari Kennett 
The Dow Chemical Company

Kitae Kim 
AGCO Corporation

Elizabeth King 
ESCO Corporation

Marcy Klevorn 
Ford Motor Company

Irina Kleyman 
ACE Clearwater Enterprises

Alicia Kuhlman 
Vermeer Corporation

Michelle Kumbier 
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Karla Lewis 
Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co.

Patricia Lewis
Berkley Screw Machine Products, Inc.

Dr. Maureen Lockwood 
Thombert, Inc.

Ana Lopez 
Johnson and Johnson

Lori Luchak-Olund 
Miles Fiberglass & Composites

Shawn (Liz) Lucini 
Noven Pharmaceuticals, inc.

Deborah MacKay 
Lexmark International

Mary Beth Mancias 
Met-Ed, A FirstEnergy Company

Millie Marshall 
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia

Sharon Martin 
LORD Corporation

Teresa Martinez 
HOERBIGER Corp. of America

Jessica Mattis 
General Motors

Bethany Mayer
HP Networking at Hewlett-Packard

Lycinda McDaniel 
Ingersoll Rand

Mary McDonald 
Ball Corporation

Kathy McNair 
Cameron-Drilling Systems

Jennifer Merrill
Harris Government Communications

Jennifer Miller 
Behlen Mfg. Co.

Kristine Mirabella 
Bausch + Lomb

Rachel Monfils 
Lockheed Martin

Wanti Muchtar 
Vermeer Corporation

Johanna Nina
Codman Neuro (a Johnson and Johnson Company)

Liz O'Grady 
Thomas & Betts- A Member of the ABB Group

Caitlin Oswald 
Pratt & Whitney

Janae Owens 
General Electric

Ivonne Pacheco 
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

Helen Patricia 

Jackie Peer 
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Diana Perreiah 
Alcoa Building & Construction Systems North America

Monica Pfarr 
American Welding Society

 Jennifer Pfeiffer 
The Dow Chemical Company

Dana Phillipe 
Baker Hughes

 Monique Picou 
Procter & Gamble

Barbie Poitras 
Volk Packaging Corporation

Darci Powers 
Batesville Casket Company, Inc.

Missy Propper 
GenMet Corp.

Denise Quinn 

Christa Reed 
Babcock & Wilcox

Erin Reibold 
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Amanda Riebel 
HOERBIGER Corporation of America

Carol Rinder 
Weatherchem/ Mold Rite Plastic

Sandra Roque 
Noven Pharmaceuticals

Brenda Ryan 
Ryan Industries, Inc. & Alliance Industries LLC

Kim Ryan 
Batesville Casket Company, Inc.

Judith Schwader 
Insitu, Inc.

Laurie Shakley 
Click Bond, Inc.

Sue Shimoyama 
Rockwell Automation

Molly Sims 
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Veronica Singh 
Menges Roller Company

Rachel Snicker
Steinwall Inc.

Amy Stabell 
Pixelligent Technologies

Denise Stanislawczyk 
ABB Inc.

Yvonne Stimac 
Metal Essence, Inc.

Alyse Stofer 

Veronica Stumpf 
LSI Industries

Pam Swanson 
Airgas North Central

Shannon Sweatman 
Southern Manufacturing Technologies

Ruthanne Szumski 
Pratt & Whitney

Traci Tapani 
Wyoming Machine Inc.

Melissa Tata 

Rebecca Taylor 
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences            

Julie Thyne 
The Dow Chemical Company

Sheila Tierney 
Ingersoll Rand

Amber Timblin 
Insitu, Inc.

Sher Valenzuela 
First State Manufacturing, Inc.

   Patricia Vargas 

Carmelia Van Horn 
Ball Aerospace & Technologies

Veronica Vargas
Procter & Gamble

Jane Wachutka 

Sylvia Wetzel 
Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.

Janice Wiegand 
Mercury Manufacturing Company

Erica Wiegel 
Wiegel Tool Works, Inc.

Jenny Wilcoski 
Caterpillar, Inc.

Della Williams 

Marissa Wingate 
Lockheed Martin

Silvia Wixson 
Able Manufacturing & Assembly, LLC

Judy Wojanis 
Wojanis Hydraulic Supply Company, Inc.


For complete award information and background on the honorees, visit

Published Date : 1/9/2014

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