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Boeing to Produce More 787 Dreamliners


Ten per month rate planned by end of 2013.

According to the AP (10/24), Boeing plans to increase production to catch up on backlog for the revolutionary new commercial airliner. According to the report, it will reach 14 per month by 2019.

The USA Today (10/23, Yu, Jansen) confirmed, “With robust demand for the 787 family of airplanes, Boeing plans to increase the 787 production rate from 10 to 12 per month in 2016, ande ventually to 14 by the end of the decade. The commercial airplanes unit booked 200 net orders during the quarter, while its backlog has nearly 4,800 airplanes valued at a record $345 billion, Boeing said.”


The New York Times (10/24, Drew, Subscription Publication) noted that Boeing CEO W. James McNerney said the new fuel-efficient planes have been available for scheduled flights 97% of the time since the company began delivering them in late 2011. “But he said that airlines were still experiencing too many nagging parts failures and faulty warning messages caused by software problems, and that some airlines were running into more problems than others…“We still have more to do,” Mr.McNerney said, adding that company officials would “not be satisfied until we are meeting customer expectations across the board.”” It nearly doubled deliveries of the Dreamliners in the third quarter to 23 from 12. Sixteen airlines are now flying the 787.

787 Assembly

The 787 ramp-up accompanies news that Boeing had positive earnings in the third quarter. The AP (10/24, Freed) reports Boeing announced an 11% rise in revenue for the quarter and a 12% rise in net income.The article notes many of the results beat analysts’ expectations.

Also covering the story are the Seattle Times (10/24), the Wall Street Journal (10/24,Subscription Publication), Bloomberg News (10/24, Johnsson), the Chicago Tribune (10/24, Karp), Reuters (10/24, Scott), Forbes (10/24, McGrath), and other media sources.

In related news, it is being reported by a number of sources that Boeing intends to cut its 747-8 production. The AP (10/19, Freed) reported that Boeing decided in October to scale back production of its 747 to 18 per year starting next year. The article reports that Eric Lindblad, Boeing’s vice president and general manager for the 747, said Boeing still has “confidence” in the program. Competition for the 747-8 is coming from two sources, the Airbus A380 and Boeing’s own 777 model.

The Wall Street Journal (10/19, Ostrower, Subscription Publication) noted the plane maker also is working on ways to improve the 747-8’s range, fuel efficiency. Other reporting includes Bloomberg News (10/19, Johnsson), The Seattle Times (10/19, Gates), and Reuters (10/19, Scott).


Published Date : 11/4/2013

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