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d@rt™ Provides Unmatched Access to Digital Sales Resources for Manufacturers


LaViaz Mobile's new Digital Asset Resource Tool™ is the first mobile content app designed for the manufacturing industry

LaViaz Mobile

CARMEL, Ind., October 7, 2013 —LaViaz Mobile recently announced the launch of d@rt, the Digital Asset Resource Tool, a revolutionary new iPad® app that provides manufacturers with a single digital source for sales tools and other resources. Designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers’ sales teams, d@rt is the first custom-built app that offers full on and offline functionality, allowing access to key sales resources in any environment, including factories without consistent Wi-Fi access and remote customer locations. d@rt can be used on any Apple® iPad or iPad Mini® running iOS 6.1 or higher.

“As the global market becomes more and more competitive and manufacturers sell increasingly complex, technical products, access to modern sales tools and resources is essential,” said Ron Blaisdell, CEO of LaViaz Mobile. “d@rt improves the efficiency and output of sales teams by putting key resources within the tap of an iPad. Manufacturers need every advantage, and d@rt puts them in a position to maximize each sales opportunity, save money and better serve customers in the process, which we believe is the formula for success."

The new d@rt app effectively handles a comprehensive range of content via its clean, intuitive interface. To optimize the user experience, price lists, catalogs, data sheets, presentations, videos and other multimedia content can be tailored to a company’s unique sales process – by product line or vertical market segment. d@rt supports multiple file types for both static and dynamic content. d@rt’s email interface makes customer follow-up simple and easy, and the favorites tool allows sales representatives to create unique groups of information.

Key benefits of d@rt include but are not limited to:
• Full online and offline functionality provides complete access to all content anywhere and anytime.
• User-friendly navigation locates information, usually within three taps.
• Built-in interactive PDF viewer provides easy content management.
• Full screen mode delivers professional presentations without complicated A/V equipment.
• E-mail enabled content allows sales team to quickly respond to requests.
• Favorites allow users to create unique groups of information, customizing the sales process.
• Supports multiple file formats including documents, presentations, images, video and other standard rich multimedia formats.
• Automatic e-mail copy allows management to track sales activity at the individual salesperson level.
• Intuitive user interface translates to low training costs.

For more information on d@rt and for pricing, please visit, e-mail or call 317.660.6566


About LaViaz Mobile

Offering end-to-end mobile application development, LaViaz Mobile creates, captures, and delivers multimedia content to mobile devices, giving businesses and organizations an opportunity to expand and enrich their customer and member bases through exclusive mobile multimedia applications. For more information visit

Published Date : 11/1/2013

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