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FABTECH 2013: Slurry Blasting Parts Cleaning Technology

Slurry blasting parts cleaning technology, also known as wet blasting, uses a rotary wheel to discharge a mixture of hot cleaning solution and abrasive media at high velocity to clean and mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oils, and grease from metal part surfaces. Slurry blasting cleaning systems provide a very clean and smooth finished surface ready for coating, painting, or remanufacturing operations. In addition, the cleaning cycle takes only few minutes and does not create any dust, resulting in better environment air quality and in a lower cleaning operation cost. Systems are available in spinner hanger, tumble blaster, and turntable configurations.

ProcecoProceco Slurry Blasting Parts Cleaning Technology
Ph: 800- 978-6677
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Published Date : 10/23/2013

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