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Shop Solutions: Urban Vehicle Rides on Plastic Bearings

Students are using self-lubricating, maintenance-free plastic bearings in the design and development of an innovative single passenger, urban commuting vehicle. The Personal Transport Vehicle - Ground, or “PTV-G,” is the brainchild of Redbud Technology LLC (Union Grove, AL). Its unique design uses an articulated steering geometry, which positions the inclined steering pivot just behind the occupant, and as a result reacts like a high-performance, two-wheeled motorcycle.

Redbud Technology is actively evolving the design and engineering of an urban commuting Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV-G) based on the platform of a delta trike. The Redbud PTV-G will serve as an educational resource to help technical high school, community college and university students develop and analyze advanced single passenger commuting concepts which includes fundamental 3D CAD/CAE/CAM, design, innovative engineering and economical manufacturing, assembly, and life-cycle maintenance.

The iglide self-lubricating, maintenance-free plastic bearings are supplied by igus (East Providence, RI). iglide plastic plain bearings are used in both Artist rendering of what the Redbud PTV-G single passenger urban commuting vehicle will look like. Its articulated steering geometry positions the inclined steering pivot just behind the occupant with the result that it reacts like a high-performance, two-wheeled motorcycle.the independent rear suspension and in the rear wheel lean-and-tilt mechanisms. iglide plastic bearings are well-suited for the harsh, dirty operating environment of the vehicle since they will not corrode and require no maintenance or external lubrication. The low cost and easy installation of the bearings is also an important benefit.

Redbud is committed to projects which serve as educational resources to advance the knowledge of those who study and practice design, engineering and manufacturing in the US. Redbud seeks to establish relationships with educational institutions and seasoned mentors to foster new learning models. igus’ Y.E.S. Program has a similar mission: to foster the mechanical design ideas of students with a passion for engineering, while at the same time educating them on the merits and benefits of plastic components.

igus develops industry-leading Energy Chain cable carriers, and Chainflex continuous-flex cables, DryLin linear bearings and linear guides, iglide plastic bushings and igubal spherical bearings. ME

For more information about Redbud Technology LLC, visit, or phone 256-527-7001; for more information from igus, go to, or phone 800-521-2747; for information about the Y.E.S. Program, visit

Published Date : 10/1/2013

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