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By Larissa HofmanLarissa Hofman
Director of Communications
Edge Factor





Living a life in poverty in Puerto Rico and moving to the US, Noel's life has never been easy. "You could see how excited Noel was to be at work, and how he enjoyed what he was doing,” reflected Adam Sears, one of Noel’s main instructors at WPI. 

Noel was on the road to success and prior to graduating, he received an unexpected piece of news: Siemens wanted to hire him as a CNC machinist. Jim Laliberte, his employer at Siemens sees Noel’s potential but knows Noel is still in training. 

Jim said, “Noel has a positive attitude but he’s very green in this process. He has a lot to learn.” Noel remains determined and knows that he turned his life around when he decided to attend WPI and launch a career in manufacturing.

“My future looks brighter than what it was. I feel like I’m going to make it somewhere, someday,” Noel exclaimed.

From the creators of the Edge Factor Show comes LaunchPoint: A high impact video series that features real life stories and will equip audiences with insights on educational and career pathways they can emulate.

“MassMEP and WPI nominated Noel to be featured in the LaunchPoint series. As soon as our team heard his story, we knew that it would give hope to viewers who were on a similar road as Noel was, before he decided to turn his life around. This episode will show audiences how rewarding and life-changing a career in manufacturing can be,” says Jeremy Bout, Producer of the LaunchPoint series. LaunchPoint will broadcast on Cox Cable 7 and will be available as part of a Kit to educators and employers to use in classrooms and at events in 2014.

Visit to learn more about how Edge Factor is building the manufacturing pipeline.


Published Date : 9/5/2013

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