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High Speed Tri-Ten Deburring System

Abtex Corporation

Abtex Corporation has expanded its line of Tri-Ten deburring systems to include a two-head, high-speed system in RTO (Return To Operator) configuration. The second planetary head increases the amount of brush contact with the part, resulting in thorough deburing at a faster conveyor speed.

At one end of the system, parts are placed on a magnetic conveyor that carries them through the first offset planetary deburring head where three Abtex fiber abrasive brushes deburr the upward facing surface. Parts then pass through a second, identical planetary head before moving to a conveyor that flips the parts for the return trip through the brushes. After both sides of the parts are deburred, they pass under a rinse before exiting at an opening next to the entrance.
 Abtex High Speed Tri-Ten Deburring System
The new system is equipped with an exhaust system that extracts dust and burrs from the internal environment and deposits them into an external recycling system where magnets separate metallic waste from non-metallic dust, which is deposited on a special filtration media.
For information, call Abtex at 888.662.2839, e-mail or visit Abtex Corporation is at 89 Main Street, P.O. Box 188, Dresden, New York 14441. Telephone 315.536.7403, fax 315.536.0280.

Published Date : 8/23/2013

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