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WESTEC 2013: Versatile Waterjets

Live demonstrations of waterjet cutting will include presentation of the company’s two versatile waterjet cutting systems from the Mach Series—the Mach 4 and the Mach 2. The Mach 4 is designed to optimize the production environment and the Mach 2 combines accurate path cutting with a machine tool of exceptional value, and the company also will display its HyperPressure pump technology. The Mach 4c offers a variety of features unique in the waterjet industry including an expandable modular design, up to 48' (14 m) in length. The system’s exclusive Nexen roller pinion system provides fast, accurate cutting with zero backlash. The new Mach 4 is ergonomically designed, with lighting to enhance workpiece visibility, efficient abrasive removal, and easy access to material and parts with full four-sided accessibility. In addition to demonstrating the Mach 4 4020c with a Dynamic Waterjet XD cutting head and a 94,000-psi HyperJet pump, company will also display the Mach 2 1313b, powered by the Hyplex Prime 60,000-psi pump.
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Published Date : 8/15/2013

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