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WESTEC 2013: Nagel Introduces a Flexible Crankshaft Polisher

Nagel Precision Inc.

Nagel Precision Inc, Ann Arbor MI has introduced a new KF60 flexible crank shaft tape polisher with number of industry first features for Automotive and Industrial market. The machine is designed to handle both low volume high changeover applications as well as high volume application.

The machine as illustrated in the picture below is designed to handle both a 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder crankshaft without any changeover. The 4 cyl crank arm package is in the cutting position and 3 cylinder arm package is in the idle position. The servo slide shuttles with the push of a button to bring the 3 cyl crank in the cutting position, thus accomplishing changeover instantly. The machine is capable automatic part recognition and change over automatically.KF60 Nagel Crank Polisher

Each finishing arm is individually controlled providing more capability to adjust the process individually for each journal. Given that arm packages are mounted on servo slide, it is possible to stitch from journal to journal. This minimizes the number of arms that are needed to finish the crankshaft and hence initial investment cost. This is especially beneficial in low volume environment as not only is the initial investment lower, the amount of time it takes to change over is significantly reduced as the number of arms to change over is reduced. Roughing and finishing arms can be placed adjacent to each other, as the machine stitches both rough and finishing are performed simultaneously. Hence roughing and finishing operations can be performed in one station, without adding much to the cycle time – affording the same benefits as a two level polisher.

The thrust face finishing arms can keep up with the oscillating part, this feature permits polishing of the thrust face at the same time as journal is being polished. In much of the existing polishers, thrust face heads have to wait till the journal polish is complete, this enhancement reduces the machine cycle time as both features can be finished simultaneously.

The independent arm control also enables repairing a pin or a main journal in the machine possible, as it is possible to repolish just one or more of journals as needed.

For more information Visit Nagel Booth # 3602 at Westec 2013. Or Contact Nagel at 734-426-1812 or  

Published Date : 8/9/2013

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