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RAPID 2013: Anatomical Scanning Software


The latest Mimics Innovation Suite includes Mimics version 16 and 3-matic version 8 for processing and editing anatomical data from CT and MRI scans. Updated suite includes new features to RAPID 2013: Anatomical Scanning Softwareincrease efficiency including the ability to generate 3D PDF files directly from Mimics, allowing publishing 3D medical models in a universal file format for viewing, navigating and interacting. New features include improved traceability of the segmentation process by incorporating a log that’s saved in a project file or as a separate document for training or recommending a workflow for similar cases. Measurement tools have been added to quantify elliptical shapes to export for advanced analyses, multi-planar re-slice for comparing common clinical measurements from specific anatomical planes, curve planar reslice to easily quantify a narrowing in a tubular structure, as well as enhancements to the centerline tools. For cardiovascular professionals designing stents, valves, CRM devices or benchtop models, beginning with image data is helpful and the updated Mimics release saves time and increases consistency with semi-automated coronary segmentation tools and mask-morphing technology for 4D segmentation. In addition, users can improve visualization with a link between 3D view and fluoroscopy angles and perform TAVI/TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) valve sizing and planning.
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Published Date : 5/1/2013

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