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EASTEC 2013: Versatile Waterjets


The 60120 JetMachining Center will be demonstrated to show the waterjet machine’s increased processing speed for both high and low-volume jobs. Equipped with a 50-hp (37.3-kW) EASTEC 2013: Versatile WaterjetsEnduroMax Pump and Tilt-A-Jet cutting head, the bridge-style machining center is well-suited for handling a wide range of production runs across various industry segments. With part size capability up to 5 × 10' (1.5 × 3.1-m), the machine delivers speed and precision in cutting complex parts from a variety of materials, including advanced composites, exotic alloys, traditional metals and rubber. Offered in a variety of horsepower options, the EnduroMax Pump boosts part-processing speeds and provides lower operating costs for all JetMachining Centers. Omax engineered the direct-drive pump for optimal efficiency, delivering more horsepower to the machine’s cutting nozzle. The 60120 machine is powered by Omax’s intuitive Intelli-Max Software Suite that provides faster, more precise and more accessible machining than competitive abrasive waterjet systems.
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Published Date : 4/11/2013

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