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EASTEC 2013: Enhanced CAM Software



The latest version of hyperMILL CAM software offers provides solutions for 2.5- through five-axis milling and drilling within one program and one consistent interface. The software contains EASTEC 2013: Enhanced CAM Softwareone set of common utilities including tool and macro programming databases, simulation and postprocessor for all product ranges. Updated hyperMILL adds innovative features to two- and three-axis techniques, including auto-climb on contours (no need to select curve directions and sides), smooth linking between jobs and between two- and five-axis drill patterns. Adaptive pocketing techniques allow selecting from various high-performance techniques depending on the pocket size, ratio of the pocket to the cutter size, and also based on the number of open sides. Software also offers high-performance hyperMAXX roughing based on Celeritive’s Volumill kernel that can be applied in two, three- or multiaxis cutting.

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Published Date : 3/28/2013

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