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Fixed-Limit Thread Gages

A comprehensive line of precision fixed-limit thread gages consisting of GO/NO-GO plug gages manufactured to ANSI/ASME B1.2 (Unified Inch) and ANSI/ASME B1.16M (Metric Emuge Thread GageM) standards are now available. A Certificate of Accuracy for each gage in the program will be provided upon request. A recessed minor thread diameter is featured on the NO-GO side, and a dirt flute is provided on the GO side, to eliminate gage / thread damage in demanding environments. The GO and NO-GO sides are each mounted on the one gage handle. Gage handles are knurled for maximum gripping ability and safety. Each handle is clearly identified with the size and Emuge identification number for traceability. The NO-GO side is clearly marked with a red ring. Thread gages accommodate 2B, 3B (inch) and 6H (metric) classes of fit and a full range of stocked gages are available in inch and metric in coarse and fine, UNC,UNF, UNS and NPT. Sizes range from 1-64 to ¾ -10 for inch, and M1.6 to M22x1 in metric.
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Published Date : 3/11/2013

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