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Waterjet Cutting

Fifth generation MWX4 machine features a new Taper Control System. This is a servo motor-driven system with greater A-axis tilt angle and unlimited rotating angle C axis to allow for straighter parts in thicker material. Also features the Mitsubishi M730 CNC controller with three-axis joystick positioning and full keyboard, and a standard Garnet Removal System. Metamation Software is included with True-Shape Nesting and CAD/CAM, and a submerged cutting system is built into the tank’s design. Positioning speed is 687 IPM (22.022 m per min), and the machine features a pressurized abrasive hopper with 670-lb (302-kg) capacity. The adjustable slat table is located by slots, and the height is adjusted by the indicated flat bar.
The MWX4 machines are available in multiple sizes: On the pictured X4-612, travel distances are 72 × 144 × 8" (1829 ×3658 × 200 mm), and it will hold a maximum workpiece size of 82 × 153 × 8" (2083 × 3886 × 200 mm). The pump is available in standard 60 hp/90,000 psi (44.7 kW/621 MPa) and 125 hp/125,000 psi (93.2 kW/862 MPa).
MC Machinery Systems Inc.
Ph: 630-616-5920
Web site:  Mitsubishi MWX4


Published Date : 3/7/2013

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