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The New SW-20 From Star CNC Cuts Production Time

Roslyn Heights, NY — Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. continues its decades-long tradition of innovation with the new SW-20, a Swiss-type automatic lathe equipped with cutting-edge software that enables complex components to be manufactured in the fastest possible times. This evolutionary new model was built to transform the productivity in complex machining, with mechanical and control systems designed to minimize non-cutting time to the utmost level. The end result is improved production output, as well as greater profitability.

The SW-20 also offers a multitude of new functions such as manual handle retracing, program check, code and alarm help, among others, to assist the system operator. By giving the motor on the sub-spindle power equal to the main spindle, the SW-20 also enhances the freedom to program efficiently.Star CNC SW-20

Features of the SW-20 Swiss-type Automatic Lathe include:
• An 8-spindle tool post (with Y-axis control function), designed exclusively for back-end working
• Simultaneous machining by opposing gang slides (2-tool turning – 2-tool milling/drilling)
• The Star Motion Control System to ensure an uninterrupted tool path
• An electric drive to eliminate hydraulic pressure, reducing idle time
• Collets that can be opened/closed even during high-speed operation
The SW-20 is the latest in Star CNC’s long history of state-of-the-art machining technology. Supported by a global reputation for product quality, versatility, and speed, Star CNC’s new generation of manufacturing machines will once again set the bar for the machine tool industry.

About Star CNC
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is among the leading providers of superior technology and unparalleled service to the machine tool industry. Founded in 1948, Star CNC is a division of Star Micronics Co., Ltd. of Japan and is their exclusive distributor in the United States. Star Micronics is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of machines for the production of small, complex and precise components used in a broad spectrum of industries.


Published Date : 1/31/2013

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