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Laser Diode Modules

New range of laser diode modules combines a high-performance Opnext (OCLARO) laser diode with quality, externally adjustable optics, a Panasonic aspherical glass lens, Optoelectronicssophisticated electronics and rugged modular anodized aluminum housing to provide a reliable laser source suitable for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and medical applications such as inspection, alignment and sensing. The modules are compact, CW, visible or infrared lasers producing a high-quality elliptical beam. They offer a combination of low noise and output stability and are available at five lasing wavelengths (635 nm, 639 nm, 660 nm, 830 nm, and 852 nm), at powers of up to 75 mW.  For easy identification they are supplied with colored end caps. Mechanical dimensions are 12 mm diameter x 53 mm length.  Laser engraving, e.g., customer’s part number, is available on request. With an operating voltage of 3-6V DC and a broad ambient temperature operating range from  -10ºC to +50ºC, the modules are also static, surge and reverse-polarity protected and RoHS compliant. Electrical connections are made via external flying leads.
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Published Date : 1/22/2013

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