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Electrically-Heated Cabinet Oven

No. 965 is a 1350ºF (732ºC) electrically-heated cabinet oven well-suited for heat treating titanium.  Workspace measures 24 W x 24 D x 24" H (610 x 610 x 610 mm).  30kW are Grieve 965installed in nickel chrome wire coils, supported by a stainless steel frame, to heat the oven, while a 1300-cfm (3690-l/min), 1.5-hp (1120-W) alloy recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload. This Grieve cabinet oven features 11" (280-mm) thick insulated walls, comprising 2" (51 mm) of 1900ºF (1038ºC) block and 9" (279 mm) of 10 lb/cf (0.16 kg/l) density rockwool insulation, as well as an aluminized steel exterior, Type 304 2B finish stainless steel interior, plus inner and outer door gaskets, with the inner gasket sealing directly against the door plug and the outer gasket sealing directly against the face of the oven for optimum seal integrity.
The Grieve Corp.
Ph: 847-546-8225
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Published Date : 1/22/2013

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