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HOUSTEX 2013: Swiss-Style Turning Spindles

Swiss-Style Turning Spindles
iSPeed3 series Swiss-style turning machine spindles have a reputation for reliability and durability in machining environments like medical and aerospace applications. The compact iSpeed3 series have sensorless motors and diameters of 19.05 to 25 mm and can machine from 1000 to 80,000 rpm. Based on work envelope requirement, spindles can have either right angle wiring or they can now be supplied with wiring that exits directly out of the back of the unit. Designed to utilize up to a 4-mm collet (standard 1/8" collet), the air-cooled motor can meet a variety of machining requirements with the ability to be supplied in over 15 different varieties, including self-contained flange mounts.

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Published Date : 1/17/2013

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