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Hexagon Buys Metrology Software Developer

By Patrick Waurzyniak
Senior Editor 

Hexagon Metrology (Stockholm) today announced it has acquired New River Kinematics (NRK; Williamsburg, VA), developer of the SpatialAnalyzer 3D analysis software for portable metrology applications. 

No financial details were given, but Hexagon said that NRK had a turnover of $13.3 million US during 2012. Founded in 1994, NRK was said to revolutionize coordinate measurement with the first metrology software to introduce a 3D graphic environment for portable metrology, according to Hexagon. Today, NRK develops and supports the industry standard in portable metrology software solutions, and its SpatialAnalyzer flagship offering is used to address a broad spectrum of challenges related to large scale measurement with portable metrology devices in manufacturing plants around the world.

“When it comes to industries like aerospace and shipbuilding, where parts are either very large or very expensive, mitigation of continuous rework is an absolute necessity NRK‘s software facilitates this,” said Norbert Hanke, president, Hexagon Metrology, in a statement. “From single part inspection to highly accurate, large scale multi-instrument surveys, SA’s [SpatialAnalyzer’s] advanced analysis capabilities support large-scale manufacturers who have no other option but to make components that fit.”

Hexagon said that NRK offers the only comprehensive solution to connect multiple products from any supplier. From arms and theodolites to trackers and scanners, SpatialAnalyzer’s advanced analysis capabilities combine inputs from any metrology device into a single platform. This is especially important in large-scale manufacturing processes, where larger CAD models and more complex data present additional challenges when it comes to accuracy, and ultimately, productivity.

“Also a strong resource in the field of measurement automation, NRK provides excellent growth prospects for Hexagon as more and more manufacturers look to increase efficiencies,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “Additional opportunities include leveraging Hexagon’s distribution network and existing customer base to increase SA’s penetration in international markets and growing segments like aerospace, and to team up with Intergraph to strengthen applications in shipbuilding, component fabrication and other large-scale markets.”

Last September, NRK announced it had reached an agreement with Hexagon to become a preferred provider of its software offering for use with Hexagon’s Leica Laser Tracker instrument sales worldwide. Hexagon, which said NRK would be fully consolidated effective Jan. 1, 2013, noted that the transaction will immediately contribute to Hexagon's earnings.

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Published Date : 1/8/2013

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