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Predictive, Preventative Maintenance Tools

Series 30i/31i/32i-Model B CNCs offer new predictive and preventative maintenance tools for motors and fans. This allows the pre-planning of servicing of a machine during scheduled downtime rather than when a machineFanuc robots has failed. FANUC amplifiers address predictive motor failures by checking the resistance of the windings.

The greatest cause of servo motor failure is coolant infiltration into the motor. Coolant works its way into the machining process and deteriorates the windings until a short circuit occurs. The latest amplifiers are now able to record the winding resistance and predict when the motor will fail. This allows maintenance personnel to order a motor in advance and change the motor when it is convenient for them, not at an inconvenient time when the machine is down. The ability to monitor the speed of each fan in the amplifier and the CNC can prevent a failure.

On the CNC and servo amplifiers that are contained within the magnetics cabinet, heat is the largest cause of failure. FANUC uses cooling fans to cool electronic components. A failure of the cooling fan can cause a failure of the CNC. By monitoring the speed of each fan that is in the CNC and amplifier, FANUC is able to judge when the fan will fail enabling maintenance personnel to do maintenance at their convenience.

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Published Date : 1/8/2013

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