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New Coolant Recycling System Helps Keep Machines Humming

By Patrick Waurzyniak 
Senior Editor  

Machine downtime in the factory costs manufacturers dearly with lost production time. With its new mobile fluid recycling system introduced at IMTS, Eriez Hydroflow (Erie, PA), aims to boost manufacturers’ bottom line by reducing unnecessary machine tool downtime and improving machine coolant recovery.     

The new SumpDoc from Eriez Hydroflow is a mobile inline fluid reclamation system that includes sump cleaning and filtration in a portable system that uses its own propulsion system to move the unit between machine tools in the factory.  

“The number one goal is keeping machine tools in production,” says Barry Nehls, Eriez Hydroflow General Manager. “Some people have referred to this as ‘dialysis for machine tools.’”  

The SumpDoc features a hose for cleaning out machine tool sumps, a basket for filtration to 50 µm, skimmers, and a high-speed centrifuge. The system filters out particulates in machine tool coolants to 2-5 µm while eliminating bacteria in the machine tool fluid. The unit has a dashboard control and includes a digital refractometer that helps operators adjust coolant concentration as needed. 

“The market’s been waiting for something like this for 30 years,” adds Dan Zimmerman, director of business development and market manager—metalworking. The system, priced at $76,000, has no consumable costs, he notes, and average payback is between nine to 14 months. 


Published Date : 9/12/2012

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