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New Product Onslaught is Largest in ISCAR’s History

By Sarah A. Webster
Editor in Chief

CHIGAGO -- ISCAR on Sunday announced the biggest new product onslaught in its 60-year history – a wide range of innovative and problem-solving products across its lineup that are branded “IQ” as part of a post-recession marketing campaign. 

For example, ISCAR will begin offering the Dove IQ Turn, Dove IQ Drill, Dove IQ Mill and Dove IQ Grip as part of the “High QLine - Machining Intelligently” product launch. 

ISCAR is the largest company owned by the IMC group, which in turn is controlled by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company.  In May 2006, Berkshire Hathaway purchased 80% of the IMC Group. 

Jacob Harpaz, CEO of ISCAR and President of the IMC Group, excitedly pitched the new products to more than 500 employees, distributors and members of the media during a daylong educational session at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, which featured a dance troupe during intermissions. ISCAR

Harpaz said the company is driven by a desire to be first in the market with new products. He noted that the company continued to invest in research and development throughout the recession, a move that enabled ISCAR to remain competitive with new products as the economy started to lift. 

ISCAR sees growth potential in the heavy duty market, hole making and by offering innovative improvements to the tool life and the efficiency of its existing products.  

Many of the improvements, Harpaz said, reflect ISCAR’s commitment to helping its customers reduce costs on an ongoing basis. “We are not talking about one time,” he said. 

Some of the new products highlighted Sunday include: 

  • Dove IQ Turn, heavy duty line, with an innovative clamping system that can firmly hold double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks. The dovetail pocket and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert from being lifted by the cutting forces. Three insert geometries are available with prismatic flanks and designed with a new R3P chipformer for rough turning of steel. 
  • Chipbreakers for finishing, medium and rough machining steel. 
  • Small ISOTURN ECO inserts, which are available in a wide range of geometries, corner radii, chipformers and the most advanced carbide grades. These inserts are thicker than the standard inserts of the same small sizes, which provide higher durability. ISCAR says these new inserts are a solution to an issue that it found, where larger inserts than required were often being used for turning applications. 
  • A new 25-degree corner angle ISOTURN insert, their narrowest turning insert. 
  • Safe-T-Lock, a highly rigid profiling tool. The SDNCN 16-13-SL screw lock toolholder for 55-degree diamond inserts with a seven-degree clearance angle. A long groove on the pocket and a matching ridge at the insert bottom ensure high rigidity in profiling applications. 
  • An advanced line of PICCO holders, PICCOACE features a unique patented clamping system which sets new standards for three highly important properties: accuracy, rigidity and flexibility of clamping orientation. 
  • The HELIQMILL 390, an upgrade from the HELIMILL, cutters carry triangular inserts with 3 helical cutting edges, versus only two on current tools. In addition, the construction of the new inserts is stronger compared to current 2-edged inserts. The new family ensures productive milling of true 90-degree shoulders, providing an improved cost per cutting edge for various milling applications. 
  • Hold IQ ER SURE Collet. The unique ER collets can be used with any standard cylindrical, Weldon or whistle notch tools available in the market, unlike other available systems which require expensive specially designed shank tools. The new collets can be used in any standards collet chucks. The new collets were designed especially for machining exotic materials, aluminum and hardened steel, used mainly in the aerospace industry and for general high load machining. 

For more information on ISCAR’s new product lineup, visit


Published Date : 9/10/2012

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