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Additive Manufacturing: Summarizing All its Parts

 Additive manufacturing is grabbing headlines these days. Just because everyone is talking about it, however, does not mean everyone really understands it. Many people, for instance, still think of the process as rapid prototyping. The technology, while used in prototyping, has expanded into many other areas. Fortus 3D Production Systems will explain where additive manufacturing is now and where it is going by sponsoring a webinar entitled “Additive Manufacturing 101: Changing the Future of Product Development and Manufacturing.” Fortus is a business unit of Stratasys Inc.  

The presentation, to be conducted at 2:00 pm EDT on Thursday, September 20, will deal with topics such as:Jonathan L. Cobb, vice president of global marketing at Stratasys, will lead the discussion.

  • How additive manufacturing can help create better products 
  • Why additive manufacturing helps bring products to market faster and cheaper 
  • How companies such as Boeing, General Motors and BMW use additive manufacturing 
  • Where the future of additive manufacturing lies.   

  Jonathan L. Cobb, vice president of global marketing at Stratasys, will lead the discussion. Cobb has been with Stratasys since 1995. Prior to his present position he served as vice president and general manager for Dimension, the 3D printing business unit of Stratasys. Before joining the company, Cobb served as vice president of sales and marketing for Westec Security, Inc. and he has held various management-level sales and marketing positions with Lockheed Martin’s Calcomp Division. Cobb received a BS from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

To register for this free webinar visit This presentation is part of the ME Media Webinar Series. 



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