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Location, Location, Location

By James D. Sawyer
Senior Editor

In May, the Brookings Institution reported that "Metropolitan areas … contain the great majority of [US] manufacturing jobs and nearly all high-technology manufacturing jobs." Chicago and IMTS are microcosms that reflect this macrocosm.

Brookings’ report goes on to say, "The geographic clustering of companies in the same industry or related industries … promotes high wages and innovation. Such clustering gives manufacturers access to specialized workers, suppliers, and customers and makes it easier for them to share ideas that can improve their performance."

IMTS is in Chicago because it is the epicenter of manufacturing in the nation’s North Central region. There are few other events that deliver the same level of innovation, suppliers, customers and ideas that can improve a manufacturer’s performance—not to mention accessibility, enough hotel rooms and the sheer area such a show requires.

From September 10 through 15, McCormick Place will see 1.1 million ft2 (102,300 m2) of its floor space occupied by 1500 exhibitors ready to answer the questions and meet the needs of 82,000 people who are expected to attend the show.

Says Doug Woods, president of AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology (the organization behind IMTS), "For me when I was running my company in Rochester [NY], I was excited about this show because it delivered what I needed. And it still delivers those things—and more. Brookings Institute Report Map

"It’s hard to find a time or a place that has the scope of information and demonstrations where you can compare machines, technologies and techniques side by side," Woods says. "Here is a place where not just the salesmen, but the engineers and the technicians and even the CEOs are there to ask all the questions you want and get all the information you need. And it’s as much as a blue-collar shop floor show as it is a white-collar management show. You’re going to get everything from Fortune 100 companies sending in their engineers and technologists to take the pulse of manufacturing as you are the people from the shops who are going to use the tools and technologies."

Besides providing a place to exhibit wares, IMTS is also a learning venue.

The IMTS 2012 Conference presents attendees with a chance to discover new ideas and come across fresh perspectives on meeting the challenges they face. Sessions explore innovative as well as traditional technologies, business development and optimization, plus workforce efficiency and productivity. A buffet lunch is included for all conference attendees.

To be held on Level 1 of McCormick Place’s West Building, the conference focuses on five tracks: Materials, Manufacturing Technology, Alternative Manufacturing Processes, Quality/Metrology and Plant Operations.

A day pass, priced at $295, includes access to the exhibit hall floor for all six days of the show, one day (your choice) at the conference and breakfast and lunch for the day of conference sessions you select.

A full-access pass, priced at $495, includes access to the exhibit hall floor for all six days of the show, all five days of the IMTS 2012 Conference and a buffet lunch each of the five days of the conference.

New this year is what AMT is calling a Special Combo Conference Pass, priced at $695. It includes admission to two additional conferences being held in conjunction with IMTS, the IANA Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit and the Motion, Drives & Automation Conference. Details on these conferences may be found at The pass also provides access to the exhibit hall floor for all six days of the show, all five days of the IMTS 2012 Conference and a buffet lunch each of the five days of the conference.

Admission to the IANA and Motion, Drives and Automation events—as well as four other conferences—also can be paid for separately.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, once you get to McCormick Place you can access all the valuable information in this article and the following pavilion previews using the new Manufacturing Engineering Media mobile app. It allows you to read Manufacturing Engineering on these mobile platforms every month. Just go to the Apple App store and search for Manufacturing Engineering. Download the app and then the issue you'd like beginning with June 2012. ME



IMTS 2012, McCormick Place


IMTS 2012 Conference Schedule




Alternative Manufacturing Processes


Using Programming and Simulation to Develop Optimized Processes for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) CNC Machining, Bill Hasenjaeger, Product Marketing Mgr., CGTech, 3–3:55 pm


Manufacturing Technology


Tool Failure Analysis and Decision Making, Don Graham, Mgr. Education and Technical Services, Seco Tool, 1–1:55

What Wins—Tool Life or More Parts?, Jeff Keith, Team Leader: Special Hydraulics, Schunk, 1–1:55 pm 

Part Accessibility Drives the True Cost of the Process, Milton Guerry, President, Schunk USA, 2–2:55 pm

Setup Time vs. Cycle Time: Profitable Benefits of Implementing Quick-Change Fixturing, Paul S. Kieta, National Sales Mgr.-Workholding Solutions Group, Jergens, 2–2:55 pm



Plant Operations


Purchineering: Bringing Together What Belongs Together, Tim Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, PARTsolutions LLC, 1–1:55 pm


Hunting the Limits of Accuracy: State of the Art for Volumetric Compensation of Machine Tools, Dr. Heinrich Iven Schwenke, Chief Executive Officer, Etalon AG, 3–3:55 pm


The Global Markets for Energy Efficient Motors and Drives, Alex Chausovsky, Research Director of Motors and Mechanical Power Transmission, IMS Research, 3–3:55 pm





Model Based Inspection: Leveraging Model Based Definition for QA, Ron Branch, Product Mgr., Verisurf Software Inc., 2–2:55 pm





Alternative Manufacturing Processes


Increasing Production Velocity in a Lean Environment, John Belzer, President, TCI Precision Metals, 9–9:55 am


Additive Manufacturing 101: How the Future of Product Development is Changing, Jonathan L. Cobb, Vice President of Global Marketing, Stratasys Inc., 10–10:55 am


Utilization of High-Power Fiber, Disc, and Diode Lasers for Welding, Heat Treating, and Cladding of Metals, David Krattley, VP of Sales, Preco, 11–11:55 am


Laser Ablation Technology for Mold Makers and Design Studios, Gisbert Ledvon, Business Development Mgr., AgieCharmilles, 1–1:55 pm


Aerospace Solutions Utilizing the Latest EDM and HSC 5-Axis, Gisbert Ledvon, Business Development Mgr., AgieCharmilles, 3–3:55 pm



Manufacturing Technology

Economic Tooling for High-Performance Machining—Increased Material Removal Rate and Production Efficiency with HSS Tools, Edward Tarney, Manager Customer Technical Support, Erasteel Inc., 9–9:55 am


Plastic Product Design Principles that will Eliminate Uncertainty and Ensure Manufacturability, Marc Freebrey, Marketing Mgr.-Vero Group, Planit Software Ltd., 2–2:55 pm


Best Practices on How to Ensure Optimal Results from your Workholding, Tim Winard, Chief Operating Officer, Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc., 3–3:55 pm





Titanium Machining: Capturing Productivity Gains and Cost Savings Offered by Modern Coolant Technologies, Jonathan Chow, Product Mgr.-Cutting and Grinding Fluids, Fuchs Lubricants Co., 1–1:55 pm


Composites Automation Technology Developments for the Aerospace, Automotive, and Renewable Energy Industries, Richard A. Curless, President MAG Composites, MAG IAS, 1–1:55 pm


Dramatic Productivity Enhancements with Cryogenic Super Cooling (minus 321º F) Through-The-Tool Technology, Douglas J. Watts, Chief Technical Officer for MAG IAS LLC, MAG Americas, 2–2:55 pm


Plant Operations


ERP Software—How it Enables Businesses to Lean/Green and Prosper in the New Normal Economy, Harold Katz, Marketing and Technology Enabling Mgr., Suspro USA, 9–9:55 am


Auto Servo Tuning, Steve Yutkowitz, Principal Software Engineer-Motion Control Business, Siemens Industry Inc., 10–10:55 am


Defining Clean, Barry L. Nehls, GM Hydroflow Filtration and Fluid Recycling Division, Eriez, 11–11:55 am


Advances in Robotic Systems Facilitate Removal of Manual Intervention in Machining Operations, Brett Hopkins, Business Development Mgr., Delcam, 2–2:55 pm


Workforce Development—Filling the Skills Gap, Bill Horwarth, President MAG Global Services, MAG, 3–3:55 pm





ILM vs. PLM—Inspection Lifecycle Management, Sam Golan, President & CEO, PAS Technology 10–10:55 am


How to Improve Part Quality from your CNC Machining Center with Ease, Charles Wang, President, Optodyne, 11–11:55 am





Alternative Manufacturing Processes


Intelligent Robotic Welding, Bruce Chantry, Portfolio Manager-Welding Equipment, The Lincoln Electric Co., 9–9:55 am


Pump and Pressure Options for Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems—What is Most Appropriate for your Application?, Laird Parry Sr., Applications Engineer, Omax Corp., 9–9:55 am


Improving ROI of Automated Metrology Aided Manufacturing Using Laser Radar Technology, Jon Koepl, Senior Sales Specialist, Large Scale Metrology, Nikon Metrology, 11–11:55 am



Manufacturing Technology


Optimization of Process and Tool Selection in Hard Part Turning Operations, Doug Evans, Grade Development Specialist, Sandvik Coromant, 9–9:55 am


Delivering Productivity from Art to Part, Mark F. Huston, VP–Global Engineered Solutions, Kennametal Inc., 10–10:55 am

Pushing the Envelope—Optimizing Cutter Performance, Scott Tiehen, National Sales Mgr., Helical Solutions LLC, 10–10:55 am


5-Axis Case Studies for Increased Productivity, Jeff Jaje, Marketing and Business Development Mgr., Sescoi USA, 11–11:55 am


NSH Technologies for Machining Aircraft Components, Dr. Ing. Bernhard Pause, President Technical Operations, The NSH Group, 2–2:55 pm


The Variables Control Chatter, Jason Wells, Product Manager, SGS Tool Co., 2–2:55 pm


Face Milling Breakthroughs to Cut Cost Per Part, Josef Fellner, Senior Global Product Mgr.–Milling, Kennametal Inc., 3–3:55 pm



Plant Operations


Precision Machining: Strategies for Doing More with Less, Michael Huggett, VP Sales and Marketing, Index Corp., 10–10:55 am


Using Existing Technology to Bridge the Skills Gap, Milton Guerry, President, Schunk USA, 11–11:55 am


Understanding the Benefits and Use of Multi-Function Machines to Improve Productivity, Jeff Estes, Director of Partners in THINC, Okuma America Corp., 1–1:55 pm


From Megatrends to Solutions: Turning Change into Opportunity, Francois Gau, Director Strategic Marketing, Kennametal Inc., 1–1:55 pm


Revisiting Capital Equipment Justification—The Truth about ROI, Jeffrey Reinert, President and CEO, Index Corp., 3–3:55 pm


The Machining Center Selection Process—VMC vs. HMC, Jim Endsley, Machining Center Product Specialist, Okuma America Corp., 3–3:55 pm





Automating Inspection Reporting, Alex Etingen, Manufacturing Project Engineer, Caterpillar Inc., 1–1:55 pm


Recent Advances in Comparative Inspection and Measurement, Patrick Beauchemin, President, VISIONx Inc., 2–2:55 pm




Manufacturing Technology


Tool Holder Selection Management Care and Quality Control, Gerard Vacio, Product Manager, Big Kaiser Precision Tooling, 10–10:55 am


MTConnect: Downstream Applications to Increase Productivity and Competitiveness, Neil Desrosiers, Applications Engineer, Developer, Mazak Corp., 2–2:55 pm


What To Do When Machine Spindles Fail, Edward Zitney, Director of Operations-SKF Machine Tool Services, SKF USA Inc., 2–2:55 pm


Digital Simulation and Advanced Automation in Today’s Manufacturing Environment, Joe Kraemer, Mgr. Corporate Accounts/Cybertec Product Group, Mazak Corp., 3–3:55 pm





A Complete Perspective of Cutting Composites, Alan Pearce, European Regional Director, SGS Tool Co., 9–9:55 am



Plant Operations


MCT (Manufacturing Cycle Time)—The Holy Grail of Manufacturing, David Bassett, Director of Manufacturing: Machine Operations, Hardinge Inc., 9–9:55 am


The Influence of Drill Design on Performance and Hole Quality in Drilling Operations, Aaron Habeck, Marketing Project Mgr., Sandvik Coromant, 10–10:55 am


Job Shop Automation—Improving the Bottom Line, Andy Glaser, VP of Sales, Yaskawa America Inc.-Motoman Robotics Division, 11–11:55 am


What is Important in Dealing with Aerospace and Medical OEMs—a Contract Manufacturer’s Perspective, Don Miller, Director of Business Development, Magnus Precision Manufacturing, 11–11:55 am


Cost Justification—Impacting the 97% of Cost, Jason Wells, Product Manager, SGS Tool Co., 11–11:55 am


Programming Machines Smarter and Faster with 3D Lifelike Simulation, N.C. Kishore, Sr. Manager-DELMIA Channel Initiatives, Dassault Systèmes, 1–1:55 pm


Reducing Compressed Air Energy Costs, Michael Camber, Marketing Services Mgr., Kaeser Compressors Inc., 1–1:55 pm


Transform your Manufacturing with Process Control, Dan Skulan, Midwest Sales Manager, Renishaw Inc., 2–2:55 pm


Conquering Corrosion, Scott Fouts, Regional Mgr., Midwest U.S., Kyzen Corp., 3–3:55 pm


How Integrated Cloud-Based Solutions Support Robust Product Lifecycle Management, Patrick Fetterman, Vice President, Plex Systems Inc., 3–3:55 pm



Doing More with Less When Using Wireless Gaging, George Schuetz, Director Precision Gages, Mahr Federal Inc., 9–9:55 am


Advanced and Robust Techniques for the Measurement of Symmetric and Asymmetric Cutting Edges, Dr. Stefan Scherer, Chief Executive Officer, Alicona Imaging GmbH, 10–10:55 am


Closed-Loop Tolerance Analyses Enable Plant Floor QA Process Improvement, Donald Jasurda, Vice President, Dimensional Control Systems Inc., 1–1:55 pm





Alternative Manufacturing Processes


Review of New Laser Solutions for Manufacturing, Robert Kloczkowski, Fabrication Industry Specialist, Rofin-Sinar Inc., 11–11:55 am



Plant Operations


Documenting Energy Efficiency on Operating Equipment, James B. Hannon, Industrial Lubricants Technical Advisor, ExxonMobil L&S Co., 9–9:55 am


Help Wanted! Investing in People and the Trades, speaker to be determined, 9–9:55 am


Improving Business Performance Through Safety Management, Steve Ludwig, Safety Program Mgr., Rockwell Automation; George Schuster, Senior Industry Consultant, Rockwell Automation, 9–9:55 am


Utilizing Technology to Address the Need for a Manufacturing Workforce, Deanna Postlethwaite, Marketing Manager, Lincoln Electric Automation, 10–10:55 am


The Shift in Manufacturing Towards Value-Added Services, Michael Verkamp, Director-Business Services, Sandvik Coromant, 10–10:55 am


Why Can’t I Find Skilled Labor When I Have Jobs Available?, Robert Lawson, Director/Founder, CNC Jobs LLC &, 10–10:55 am


Are You Earning Your Maximum Potential For Your Current Skill Levels?, Robert Lawson, Director/Founder, CNC Jobs LLC &, 11–11:55 am





The World of Manufacturing Software—Living in Exponential Times, Dan Frayssinet, Chief Executive Officer, ESPRIT - DP Technology Corp., 11–11:55 am








Published Date : 8/1/2012

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