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Impact Riveter

HP2000 hydra-pneumatic impact riveter is available with up to a 24" (610-mm) throat to autofeed and set solid rivets to 7/16" (11.1-mm) diam. The HP2000 has 20-ton capacity and can automatically compensate for minor material thickness or rivet length variances. Setting pressure can be accurately controlled, allowing for use on brittle or fragile parts as well as for heavy-duty applications.
Ph: (517) 787-9447

Feed System

Advanced Feed System turns a semiautomatic circular cold saw into a fully automated production system. Operators manually enter dimensions into the controller or pull a cut list from the controller, secure the material in the indexing clamp, and start the machine. The feed system automatically moves material to position, clamps the material, and cycles the machine with ±0.004" (0.01-mm) repeatable accuracy. One-off cuts are straightforward and require inputting cut length in inches, fractions, or metric dimensions.
Scotchman Industries Inc.
Ph: (800) 843-8844

Wheel Brush

TY-encapsulated wheel brush features knot wire for heavy-duty removal of slag from the root pass on pipe welds. The brush combines knot construction with the beige-TY encapsulation to achieve cleaning action with the slight movement of the wire tips. Wider face allows cleaning larger areas.
Osborn International
Ph: (800) 720-3358

Orbital Tube Welding

Tubemaster Model 514 is an orbital welding system (GTAW process) with a power source of 200 A with an auto-ranging 115–230 Vac input. AutoProgram mode allows the user to enter tube OD, wall, and material to generate a weld program automatically. Model 514 operates a wide range of weld heads with fusion-only or wire-feed capabilities. Heads are available for fusion welding for tube 3–114-mm diam. One hundred programs with as many as 100 levels each can be stored in memory.
Magnatech Ltd.
Ph: (860) 653-2573

Tube Grinder

Model ML 100 tube grinder finishes bent or straight tubes, as well as irregularly shaped tubes such as ovals. Variable belt and speed feed rates produce finishes from 60 grit to Scotch Brite. The ML 100 features a 3-hp (2.2-kW) belt motor, and a 4" (101.6-mm) diam maximum and 3/8" (9.52-mm) minimum diam capacity. Also being shown is the Pro Steel wide-belt dry deburring and graining machine with 15-hp (11.2-kW) main motor and variable speed conveyor belt.
A.M.Machinery Sales
Ph: (215) 293-0333

Quick-Change Arbor

Quick-change arbors have no threaded bolt or nut retaining the fiber abrasive disc brushing tools from underneath. The operator turns a horizontally located set screw, releasing or capturing the brush via a knobheaded retaining pin. Developed for a three-brush planetary head system the arbors can be used for all tools that accommodate 1" (25.4-mm) shanks. Brushmount arbors range from 3 to 10" (76.2–254 mm).
Abtext Corp.
Ph: (315) 536-7403

Hydroforming Press

Hydroforming press systems for tube and sheet applications, leak test systems, and autofrettage systems for R&D and production of components with cyclic loading will be shown. The leak-test process measures leakage at system-operating pressures in applications such as diesel fuel system components like rails, lines, pumps, valves, and hydraulic cylinders. Systems are available for pressures to 100,000 psi (7000 bar). Autofrettage pre-stresses components by applying internal pressure well beyond service pressure in normal operation, extending service life of components.
Interlaken Technology Corp.
Ph: (952) 856-4210

Coil Processing

Coil-processing equipment includes mechanical and hydraulic shears, side trimmers, scrap choppers, hydraulic roller levels, and complete cut-to-length lines. Shears feature autogap control to adjust knife gap automatically to material thickness. Side trimmers and scrap choppers can process material from 0.004 to over 1.000" (0.01–25.4-mm) thick material. Hydraulic roller leveler features a closed-loop system for automatic roll position and roll cassette systems with quick-change cassettes for light and heavy-gage leveling.
Butech Bliss
Ph: (330) 337-0000

Laser Punch Cell

All LP6 series laser punch flexible manufacturing cells combine 33-ton (300-kN) hydraulic ram force with a 2.5-kW diffusion-cooled CO2 slab laser with auto-focus cutting head. Maximum sheet size that can be processed on the LP6 is 60 x 120" (1565 x 3074 mm); 60 x 169" (1565 x 4300 mm) on the LP8. Sheet to 8 mm can be punched with maximum hit speed (1 mm between holes) of 1000 hits/min. Marking speed is 3000 hits/min. Loading, unloading, sorting, and stacking can be automated.
Finn-Power International Inc.
Ph: (847) 885-3200

Press Brake Tooling

WT press brake tooling is a standard line of punches and dies for Trumpf-style and LVD-style press brakes that was formerly available only as a special. The WT line offers ten standard punch profiles from 120 to 220 mm, and 17 different dies from 6 to 5 mm. Special profiles, tip radii, and tip angles are also available. Tooling is precision ground to meet or exceed industry tolerance standards of ±0.0004" (±0.01 mm) on all critical dimensions.
Wilson Tool International
Ph: (651) 286-6001

Hybrid Welding System

Company's new hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) product line, the HLx Series, is the first commercially available mechanized laser-welding system utilizing laser only, laser with cold wire fill, or hybrid laser arc welding in a 2-D gantry, 3-D robotic, or custom mechanized solution with closed-loop weld process control. The HLAW process is said to combine the deep weld penetration and low heat input of laser welding with the power efficiency and superior gap tolerance of GMAW.
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
Ph: (843) 679-6317

Proximity Sensors

New proximity sensors reportedly incorporate the latest features in inductive sensing technology. The 12-mm-diam sensor has an extended range of 6 mm. The 18-mm-diam sensor has a 10-mm sensing range. The body, including a thick sensing face, is completely machined from stainless steel, making it well-suited for rugged applications. The body, sensing face, and mounting hardware have been coated with PTFE material for resistance to weld spatter and superior performance in wash-down applications. These sensors operate from 10–30 Vdc and can be supplied in NPN or PNP models. They feature a high intensity four-view LED output indicator.
HTM Electronics
Ph: (800) 644-1756

Hardfacing Protection

Tungsten-carbide powder hardfacing products form a metallurgical bond with the base metal on the part to protect against wear and impact. The Spherotene powders consist of spherical particles of monocrystalline tungsten carbide with hardness between 1800 and 4000 HV (Vickers). The hardfacing material can be applied by welding cords of nickel-core wire coated with Spherotene to the metal, thermal spraying, by mold-in casting, and by laser.
Bolton Alloy
Ph: (713) 460-8870

Tube Processing

The plasmaCOPE 1200 automatically cuts, copes, and makes holes in tubes and pipes to 12' (3.7-m) long. A model that handles 24' (7.4-m) lengths is also available. Pipe to 3" (76 mm) and tube to 5" (127 mm) can be cut or coped at wall thicknesses to ¾" (19 mm). Programming is automatic once the operator selects basic parameters. Finished parts can be viewed in 3-D or as a template with cut lines.
Advanced Fabricating Machinery
Ph: (603) 642-4906

Structural Steel Cell

An integrated drill/saw CNC manufacturing cell is designed for fabrication of structural steel. The system features an ATC in conjunction with a high-performance spindle for drilling, tapping, countersinking, and light milling for production of slots, for example. The system is integrated with a CNC-controlled miter-cutting saw that is capable of cutting to 60° in each direction.
Ficep Corp.
Ph: (410) 588-5800

Solid State Welders

CFI solid-state HF welders equipped with heat-affected-zone (HAZ) technology enable the operator to consistently achieve the best quality weld over a wide variety of products, materials, and mill setups. Computer control results in the ability to repeat the desired optimum HAZ characteristics, speeding the development of new products, reducing costs, and improving product performance and quality for users.
Ph: (203) 468-4100

Torque Reaction Arms

Models are available with maximum torque capabilities from 7 to 800 lb-ft (9.5–1085 N•m). They can be mounted on the table top or from above. A two-piece Vblock is standard on all smaller units to accept any tool to 2" (50.8-mm) diam. The larger units can accept tool weights to 60 lb (27 kg). Custom multiposition mounts are available for applications requiring use at an angle.
Ph: (800) 837-2503

Rotary Draw Bender

Model BT-220 rotary draw bender features automatic and/or manual control that can be switched off and on in sec and has a sleep function to conserve energy. The machine allows storage of 400 part programs and off-line machine monitoring via an Ethernet option. Also being shown is the model BT-3000-P ram bender that can be used manually or programmed so the ram will travel to five separate targets and return points (10 positions per part).
Bentec Hydraulic Benders
Ph: (216) 267-1818

Heat Treating

Company will offer two new heat-treating capabilities including a high-capacity vacuum heat-treating furnace. Two 24' (7.3-m) furnaces each have a load delivery system and capacity of 60,000 lb (27,200 kg). Procedures use microprocessors linked to programmable logic controllers to regulate temperature ramp up as well as precision controlled rapid quenching. Machined parts up to 17' (5.2-m) long can be processed.
Solar Atmospheres
Ph: (800) 347-3236

Welding Equipment

Display will include the Sycrowave 200 AC/DC TIG/stick welder, the Spectrum 1251 plasma cutter, The Joker and Camouflage line of auto-darkening welding helmets and the Maxstar 700 and Dynasty 700 TIG inverters. Also on display will be the 75 Series wire feeder, now with Bernard Q-Guns and Centerfire consumables, and Bobcat and Trailblazer welder/generators with a new, class-leading 23-hp (17.25-kW) engine option. The Sycrowave 200 features an extended power range for welding thicker materials as well as light industrial settings.
Miller Electric
Ph: (262) 240-9790

Wire Feeder

HyperFeed II wire feeder can be interfaced with all of this company's robots that use NX100, XRC, MRC, and ERC robot controllers. It is equipped with four geared feed rolls, and is rated at 500 amps at 100% duty cycle with a maximum speed of 750 ipm (19 m/min). The feeder is equipped with a low-inertia drive system, smaller diameter drive rolls, and a high-performance motor control. Equipped with 0.025/0.045" (0.9/1.2-mm) feed rolls as standard; many optional feed roll sizes are available. The unit has an LED wire-feed speed display and outputs for an optional air blast and wire brake solenoid.
Motoman Inc.
Ph: (937) 847-6200

Marking Laser

Gemini Dual Galvo fiber-pulsed laser can mark two patterns at once on medical and electronic parts and is available in either 10 or 20-W models. Also being shown is a line of high-speed Xpress diode-pumped lasers. The Sabre 10-W CO2 can mark a wide range of organic substrates including acrylics, wood, plastic, Plexiglas, quartz, and ceramics. Lasers can be integrated into any production environment and feature Merlin II visual design software.
Telesis Product Identification Systems
Ph: (740) 477-5000

Manual and Automated Positioners

A total of four different positioner configurations in single and multiaxis configurations are now available from this company in capacities from 500 to 18,000-kg capacities. Originally designed for manual welding applications using foot pedal control or a touchscreen controller, the positioners can be easily upgraded with different motors and gearboxes to achieve full coordinated motion for integration into a robotic welding system. Options include manual and automated welding cycle time history log, motor elimination for utilizing your own motors, and heavy-duty construction and operation.
Wolf Robotics division of Rimrock Automation
Ph: (970) 225-7600

Welding Systems

The heart of this company's welding system is the Q8P weld controller for specifying welding parameters, monitoring, documentation, and networking of weld systems. This fully digital control calculates the power source characteristics for all arc processes. It controls the dynamic current rises behavior, the maximum current, and the droplet transition during the pulsed arc-welding processes. Excellent weld properties are insured for steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze, or special materials. The Q8P is equipped with LAN and USB connections.
SKS Welding Systems
Ph: 49(0)-6371-9267-0 (Germany)

Saw Family

Company offers over 70 models of production bandsaws including vertical, horizontal, plate, and double-column with capacities ranging from 10 x 10" to 80 x 80" (254 x 254 mm to 2032 x 2032 mm). Material handling tables are optional. Featured will be the VT120HA-60 an automatic, vertical bandsaw that miters to 60° left or right. Cutting capacity is 18" (457-mm) horizontal x 24" (610-mm) vertical at 90°. The saw uses a 1 ¼" x 16' 10" x 0.042" (32 mm x 5.1 m x 1 m) 1-mm blade powered by a 7.5-hp (5.6-kW) motor.
HE&M Saw Inc.
Ph: (918) 825-4821

TIG Welding

Trafimet Easy 300 TIG system combines TIG welding quality with MIG speed and practicality. The system consists of: A cold-wire Ergotig Super 20 torch (300 A dc at 100%; water cooled) with 4 m extra flexible cable assembly, wire-speed control potentiometer, and a wire support system; a wire feeder (42-V power supply) with electronic wire speed control that regulates wire advancement according to the current applied; and a 5-kg steel spool support. Options include: 110–42-V transformer, insulated and shielded to power the feeder from any 110-V outlet; front panel PCB that enables pulsed movement of the wire; and a wire reel stand.
Florida Power & Welding International LLC
Ph: (305) 698-2220

Plastics Hand Saws

PVC/ABS hand saws offer fast, easy cutting of PVC, ABS, wood, drywall, plasterboard, and CPVC. Saws feature soft feel grips on a light-weight cast aluminum handle. The 12" (304.8-mm) and 18" (457.2-mm) saws have precision-milled RC 65- hardened teeth on spring-tempered steel blades. Single-screw design permits tool-free blade changes in sec.
M.K. Morse Co.
Ph: (330) 453-8187

Beveling Machine

Edge-Cut, a new oxy-fuel cutting machine, performs single or double V-Groove beveling on a plate edge without the need for track or rails. It performs the V-Grooves essential to full-penetration welds in one pass, beveling the plate edge top and bottom up to 45°. Ease of setup and constant speed ensure high-quality cutting, even during long-distance cuts. The Koike Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce setup time while reducing gas waste. The 26-lb (12-kg) machine can also be adapted to cut circles while beveling, and can be used with a 6' (1.8-m) extendable track for more conventional cutting.
Koike Aronson/Ransome Inc.
Ph: (585) 492-2400

Waterjet, Laser Technology

Suprema model of the new Waterjet line incorporating Mitsubishi 700 series controls and servo systems for high-precision machining. The 3015LVPLUS-40CFX laser cutter featuring X-Flow technology will be demonstrated. The 40CFX's 4-kW beam can cut 1" (25.4-mm) mild steel, ½" (12.7-mm) aluminum, and ¾" (19-mm) stainless steel. Mitsubishi Laser's VZ1 machines feature a six-axis, zero-offset head for high-speed cutting of complex 3-D parts. Toyokoki Press Brake will showcase both an HYB electric/hydraulic hybrid press brake and an APB machine.
MC Machinery Systems Inc.
Ph: (630) 616-5920

3-D Inspection

Phoenix model CMM is equipped with a Renishaw RTP probe with automatic indexing that provides 168 positions for access to five sides of any part for 3-D inspection. The dualbeam, moving-bridge CMM features mechanical bearings for accuracy without software error mapping. Enclosed protected bearings, ways, motors, and scales enable operation on the plant floor. EZ Launcher touch screen user interface allows a single simultaneous inspection run for multiple parts in varying quantities.
Helmel Engineering Products Inc.
Ph: (716) 297-8644

Flatsheet Laser Cutting Machines

Company will introduce changes to its line of flatsheet laser cutting machines with integrated automation. Among the most noticeable of these enhancements is a new, compact enclosure that is 75% smaller than a conventional enclosure. Key benefits of the ergonomic new design include faster installation, easier accessibility, and facilitated material exchange. The machine will have a freestanding control. In addition to the current 4 x 10' size, the new 5 x 10' and 4 x 8' (1.2 x 3 m, 1.5 x 3.0 m, and 1.2 x 2.4 m) versions will be available.
Trumpf Inc.
Ph: (860) 255-6112

Cutter and Press Brake

Bystar 3015 laser cutting system features the company's 6000-W solid-state RF power supply and rotary axis for the processing of flat sheets as well as tubes and profiles. The compact power supply provides users with more efficient electrical consumption. PR Series press brake with electrohydraulic sheet supports and integrated process control technology will be shown. Also presented will be the Bysoft 6.7 software that offers users advanced synchronization of press brake, laser, and waterjet processes.
Ph: (800) 247-3332

Structural Steel Saw

DGP series miter bandsaws are designed for sawing structural steel. Pivot-from-above-portal design enables the saw head to move into position to cut 60° right and left and isolates all chips and coolant from the saw-head assembly. Large saw-blade 20 hp (14.9-kW) motor, large gearbox, and 2 5/8 x 0.063" (66.7 x 1.6-mm) blade achieve chip removal rates of 22.5 ipm (0.58 m/min). A coolant mist system is available.
Peddinghaus Corp.
Ph: (815) 937-3800

Bandsaw Blades

Bimetal bandsaw blades are well-suited to a variety of applications from general purpose to high-performance cutting of solids. Model 529PD in the Marathon M42 family of bimetal bandsaw blades features 5/8 tpi with positive rake angle for faster cutting and increased blade life for cutting thin wall structural and tubing, ranging from low carbon to stainless. The 529PD is available in 1, 1 ¼, and 1 ½" (25.4, 31.75, and 38-mm) welded-to-length or coil stock.
Wikus Saw Technology Corp.
Ph: (630) 766-0960

Weld Backing

X-ray quality back beads are possible on the root pass while welding from one side only using the Katbak back plate. More metal is deposited while defects and rework are dramatically reduced, eliminating costly gouging and grinding. Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and are mounted on wide heat- receptive, pressure-sensitive adhesive foil for easy, accurate application to the workpiece. It can be used on flat or curved surfaces.
Gullco International Ltd.
Ph: (440) 439-8333

Slitting Equipment

Company will exhibit a complete line of cut-to-length, blanking, multiblanking, and coil-to-coil slitting equipment. The systems feature a number of quick setup and changeover capabilities. Slitter speeds are available up to 2000 fpm (610 m/min) and cut-to-length speeds as high as 400 fpm (122 m/min) are available. A complete line of in-line stretcher leveling systems can produce extremely flat stress-free material for laser-cutting applications.
Red Bud Industries
Ph: (618) 282-3801

Automatic Laser Welding

Company offers three machines, plus the mobile HTS laser welding equipment. A new additional cutting function offers more flexibility. The LaserCab equipment control system allows circular welding with the synchronization function of the laser. Round contours such as radii and polygons can be defined. Molds and surfaces to be welded can be generated and viewed three dimensionally on the screen using normal Windows. The Autofocus allows fully automatic welding in three axes. Accuracy is between 25 and 500 µm relative to cut widths of 50–200 mm.
OR Laser Technologies
Ph: (800) 815-4412

Air Filtration for Machining

Designated VARIO, PT, and L-CUT, these dust and chip collectors provide several choices and filtration solutions for dry-machining applications. The company will display its L-CUT 2-11S model dust collector that employs SINBRAN membrane filtration technology. The L-CUT series features a spark pre-separator integrated in the unit's housing, to protect filter elements from damage. Continuous compressed air cleaning cycles enable maximum filtering power and continuous airflow rate. Depending on the application and individual requirements, L-CUT models can be equipped with cartridge filters. Air filtration solutions are also available for machining processes requiring minimal quantity lubrication (MQL).
Keller USA Inc.
Ph: (203) 729-0145

Automatic Stop/Positioner

Designated Heavy Duty2, this system can either push heavy stock or be used as a stop. Able to push with up to 700 lbf (3114 N), it can be configured to move at speeds to 60 ips (1.5 m/sec). Repeatable accuracy is ±0.004" (0.10 mm/sec). System comes in lengths to 120' (36.6 m) in 6' (1.8-m) increments. Options permit downloading cut lists from a PC, and allow users to use a PLC to synchronize multiple processes. Units can include a pneumatic power gripper and steel tables that adjust up to 48" (1219-mm) high.
Tigerstop LLC
Ph: (360) 254-0661 Ext. 240

High-Speed Waterjet

Techjet-X2 control incorporates linear feedback to produce a true closed-loop motion system that continually gives dynamic feedback to 0.00004" (0.001 mm), allowing it to remain accurate longer. Unit is capable of speeds to 1000 ipm (25 m/min), has a positional accuracy of ±0.001" (0.02 mm) over the entire bed, and repeatability is ±0.0005" (0.01 mm). Crash-sensing break-away head protects the machine, nozzle, and workpiece from damage.
Techni Waterjet
Ph: (913) 397-9300

Filler Metals

The company will show its McKay, Corex, Hobart, and Trimark brand solid, flux, and metal cored wires, along with its stick electrodes. Personnel will be on hand to assist end-users with technical inquiries and to provide support and solutions for improving welding performance.
Hobart Brothers Co.
Ph: (800) 424-1543

Chiller for Trumpf CO2 Laser

Unit provides cooling capacity of 70 kW at an ambient temperature of 43°C, dual or triple water circuits with various material specifications (stainless, PVC), and various water outlet-temperatures and water accuracies (as close as ±0.5 K). All tanks and pumps are stainless, and the chiller comes in air-cooled, water-cooled, split version, and passive-cooled configurations. Air-cooled versions are equipped with low noise, sickle-shaped fans. Service is possible during operation of the chiller, and remote monitoring and diagnostics (LAN or PROFIBUS) can be achieved.
Riedel USA Inc.
Ph: (734) 595-9820

Waterjet Technology

High Rail Gantry System abrasive waterjet uses the company's iP60-50 intensifier pump, AquaVision Di motion controller, and Digital Readout for Multi Head Positioning. Firm's waterjets hold an accuracy of 0.005" (0.13 mm) with repeatability of 0.001" (0.03 mm) over the work envelope. System hydraulic intensifier pumps offer 15,000–30,000+ hr of operation on the hydraulic pump, depending on the model. Cutting systems employ a fully networkable AquaVision Di motion controller that guides users through the project. The iP60-50 intensifier pump is rated for 60,000 psi (41 MPa) and features an extended-life hydraulic system.
Jet Edge Inc.
Ph: (800) 538-3343

Programmable Measurement Display System

A stand-alone measurement display system, the battery-powered, quasi-absolute model MA503/1 measurement display offers direct position information. It consists of a programmable low-power LCD display with an integrated magnetic sensor. A 10-mm-wide magnetic band is read by the sensor, offering high-resolution measurements with immunity to dirt and contamination. Sensor-to-band ride height is operational with a gap up to 2 mm, while the battery-buffered memory offers quasi-absolute measurement for up to two years before battery replacement. Features include calculation factoring for correct linear or angular display values, and programmable measurement offset and direction parameters.
Siko Products Inc.
Ph: (734) 426-3476

Press Brake Safety System

The V4000 press brake system is said to be the first camera sensor that offers both maximum safety and optimization on press brakes. The system, which mounts on the upper ram of the press brake, provides safeguarding during the downward movement of the punch by creating a safety volume below the punch. The Output Signal Switching Device (OSSD) on the system provides a signal to stop ram movement when an intruding object is detected. This device is rated Category 4 in compliance with EN 954-1 and SIL 3, according to EN 61508.
Sick Inc.
Ph: (952) 829-4728

Laser Cutting System

Called Syncrono, this 2-D laser cutting system features a patented laser head, designed with two additional small, linear-driven parallel kinematic axes on the moving gantry, effectively creating a "machine within a machine." This arrangement allows the cutting head to cut more than 1000 holes per minute at acceleration of up to 6 g. The company believes the system can replace turret punch press machines in some flatsheet applications. A vibration-free design and a constant beam path throughout the 60 x 120" (1524 x 3048-mm) work area provide accurate cutting, even in small and intricate profiles.
Prima North American
Ph: (413) 598-5200

Fasteners for Painted Material

The Painted FAS-NER can be inserted directly into prepainted metal by appliance companies. The unit's color is matched to the assembly's color, allowing elimination of post-paint operations. System eliminates the need for spot welding and riveting. The system is a simple punch and die operation, which automatically feeds, punches, inserts, and locks the self-piercing unit to produce a solid joint in one high-cycle operation. It joins dissimilar metals and thicknesses. Systems range from a single-hit machine to something as complex as an automated turnkey system, including insertion into production lines with the assistance of machine integrators.
AKH Inc.
Ph: (317) 243-5915

Drilling Technologies

Model HMD925 power feed portable magnetic drill features a holemaking capacity of 7/16 to 1 ¼" (11–31.75-mm) diam through materials to 2" (51-mm) thick using the power feed option (1 ½" or 38-mm diam in manual mode) and the company's Rotabroach annual cutters. Also highlighted is the Copperhead carbide tip annular cutters, available in sizes from 9/16 to 1 ½" (14.3–38 mm) diam and 2" depth of cut. The tools are for use in the company's magnetic drills, providing greater wear resistance for high Brinnell hardness alloys for abrasive cast iron applications.
Hougen Manufacturing Inc.
Ph: (810) 635-7111

Laser Cutting Systems

The TLM Series five-axis laser cutting system is intended for 3-D cutting, and the high-speed TLZ-510 three-axis for 2-D cutting. The TLMseries has four power options ranging to 6.0 kW, with size ranges from 1300 x 1300 mm to 2800 x 4300 mm, and vertical travel to 800 mm. Controllable optical head angles of ±200° and ±180° are the fourth and fifth axes. The TLZ series offer flying optics cutting at rates to 40 m/min and power options range to 5 kW. Rapid traverse ranges to 100 m/min in X, Y and 60 m/min in Z.
NTC America Corp., Laser Group
Ph: (248) 560-1200

"World's Largest" Ironworker

Company will display a large variety of single and dual-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers, angle and plate bending rolls, upstroking and downstroking press brakes, and shears. Ironworkers on display will range from the recently introduced Geka model Bendicrop, which features a built-in bending section, to the Geka Model Hydracrop 220S-15, said to be the largest Ironworker in the world, which features a 240-ton (1.1-MN) punch and 8 x 8 x ¾" (203 x 203 x 19-mm) angle capacity. Included in the display is a Geka model Semi-Paxy CNC controlled positioning table designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
Comeq Inc.
Ph: (410) 933-8500

Rotary Draw Bender

Patented mandrel system adapts to the MegaBender 030 modification to produce high-quality bends on tubes and hollow profiles when nonmandrel systems are no longer effective. Depending on the material, wall thickness, and distance between bends, the mandrel system can accommodate centerline bend radiuses as small as 1.5x the external diam on tube diams ranging from ¾ to 3" (19–76 mm). Mandrel bend systems incorporate five separate tools to support the profile during the bending process: the center former, pressure die, clamping die, wiper die, and internal mandrel, and are specific to each tube diam.
CML USA Ercolina
Ph: (563) 391-7700

Brushes for Tube-End Deburring

Custom-made brushes in a range of sizes are intended for tube end deburring. They reportedly allow users to automate the tube end deburring process and improve user safety, assembly consistency, process stability, and flexibility, and lower production costs. Most automated tube deburring processes employ two wide-face brushes. Because the tubes rotate as they are conveyed between the brushes, the entire circumferences of their edges are brushed. These brushes come in diams from 6 to 16" (152–406 mm) with arbor hole sizes from 1 to 3 ¼" (25–83 mm). Maximum face width of a single unit is 30" (762 mm).
Weiler Corp.
Ph: (800) 835-9999

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Systems

Intended for plate handling, these magnetic systems are built for handling plates in steel service centers, steel-processing plants, fabricating shops, burning-table operations, machine shops, and welding shops. Standard system features include: permanent magnets, require only momentary power On/Off; no battery backup needed, will hold load indefinitely in the event of a power failure; lift bail interlock, load cannot be released when suspended; adjustable single-plate feature, can lift a single thin plate from stack; nonvolatile memory, remembers On/Off status even after power interruption;100% duty cycle, magnets can be left on indefinitely.
Walker Magnetics
Ph: (800) 962-4638


This article was first published in the October 2006 edition of Manufacturing Engineering magazine. 

Published Date : 10/1/2006

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