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Manufacturing is an activity that requires many disparate devices, materials, and components. They may not fit neatly into a specific product category, but they often reflect innovative design and skillful production work.

So in this section of our magazine, we present a representative sample of all the "other" technologies and products necessary to a modern manufacturing operation. Browse and enjoy. It's a great collection of interesting stuff. — Brian Hogan

Metalcutting Fluids

Two versions of a biostable semi-synthetic cutting fluid, Rustlick Ultracut 370R and Ultracut 375R, are said to enable manufacturing plants to consolidate to one universal fluid. The nonchlorinated version is Ultracut 370R and the chlorinated version is Ultracut 375R. The fluid can be used for both machining and grinding operations. It's suitable for use on a range of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The fluid provides high lubricity and rust protection. The translucent emulsion gives a good view of the workpiece.
ITW Rocol North America
Ph: (847) 657-6185

Workcell Blast Systems

Compact automated workcellsized cabinet blasting systems such as the Model RXS-400 feature programmable process routines. These small-footprint systems are used in lean aerospace and medical manufacturing operations for shot peening, deburring, finishing, and surface preparation. The company will also promote its free laboratory testing services that allow prospective users to examine the results of dry blast surface treatments and yield process data for system design and application engineering.
Guyson Corp.
Ph: (518) 587-7894

Front-Load Immersion Washer

Designated Lean-Jet RB-2, this front-load immersion washer is part of the company's industrial duty, aqueous-based parts cleaning system line specifically designed for use within lean or cellular-manufacturing processes. This system can handle individual parts or multiple parts in a basket. It consists of multistage rotational cleaning, rinsing, and drying in a common chamber, eliminating the need for a part-transfer system.
Ransohoff Inc.
Ph: (800) 248-WASH

End-Effector Tooling

Ultimate PMAT is a modular automation tooling solution that reportedly allows up to 98% reduction in compressed air consumption compared to alternative airpowered venturi systems. Combining a Coax vacuum cartridge with a Duraflex suction cup and a Vacustat check valve, the product allows manufacturers to construct energy-efficient vacuum-end effector tools. The Vacustat check valve minimizes consumption of compressed air by controlling the incoming air flow to the vacuum cartridge and shutting off the supply of compressed air when proper suction is reached.
Ph: (800) 321-7422

Control Platform

With a decentralized, modular I/O and control platform, PSSuniversal is a solution for standard control functions together with safety functions for mid to top-range automation needs. Available head modules connect to all common fieldbus systems, thus enabling a structure of decentralized inputs and outputs with pure standard control functions or—in conjunction with SafetyBUS p—with pure safety functions. System design meets Cat. 4 in accordance with EN 954-1, or SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508, as well as other international standards.
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
Ph: (734) 354-0272

Automatic Measuring System

Highlighting this exhibit will be an automatic measuring system with an integrated part-handling robot. The robot will take an automotive piston part to six different gaging devices, each measuring different features. The system will incorporate all of the company's dimensional measurement technologies including air gaging, electronic gaging, vision gaging, and match gaging. Additionally, the demonstration will showcase the company's latest Windows-based computer software. Complementing the automatic gaging system will be an array of other products measuring real-world applications.
Edmunds Gages
Ph: (860) 677-2813

Oil-Mist Separation System

Made in Germany, the Reven Recojet-1 oil vortex oil-mist separation system does not require filter replacement. This system is sound-attenuated for quiet operation. Its design is said to mitigate the problems associated with centrifugal systems such as noise, vibration, and low separation efficiency. Intended for use with equipment such as CNC lathes, EDM machines, cutter grinders, and Swiss-type CNC lathes, it's reportedly available for the first time in the US.
Tecnara Tooling Systems Inc.
Ph: (562) 941-2000

Filtration System

The Cast Iron CDF (Chip Disc Filtration) Filtration System enables users to apply a self-cleaning, permanent-media filtration technology to cast iron machining operations to eliminate large volumes of cast iron chips and fines from recirculating coolant, without the need for disposable filter media. The filtration system reportedly can eliminate the hazardous waste disposal costs of paper media, and extend the useful life of coolant by filtering fines as small as 25 µm before recirculating the coolant back to the machine.
Hennig Inc.
Ph: (815) 636-9900 Ext. 201

Dual-Purpose Chip Conveyor

Designed to complement multitasking lathes and machining centers, MicroScraper 500 II is a filtering chip conveyor that uses an upper hinge belt conveyor to remove chunks, stringy, bushy, and large chips of brass, steel, aluminum and other metals. The lower scraper belt removes any smaller materials that pass through the upper conveyor. Continuously cleaned filter boxes remove particles as fine as 500 µm from the coolant before returning it to the tank, extending coolant life and reducing sump maintenance while removing both fine and coarse mixed materials.
LNS America Inc.
Ph: (513) 528-5674

Packaged Compressed Air System

This compressed air system comes complete with the company's Sigma rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer, and optional filter mounted on a horizontal receiver tank. Connect the power and air line, and you have a fully operational system. Compressor size ranges from 3 to 40 hp (2.2–30 kW), with maximum working pressures available from 80 to 205 psig (552 kPa–1.4 MPa). Systems come with starters, aftercooler, and sound-attenuating enclosure. The CFC-free dryer delivers a pressure dew point as low as 38°F (3.3°C).
Kaeser Compressor
Ph: (800) 777-7873

Rapid Prototyping System

A new version of the FDM Vantage system, Vantage X offers three more modeling material options and higher resolution than the previous base model. Besides the standard polycarbonate (PC) and ABS plastic, Vantage X offers a PC-ABS blend, PCISO, and ABSi options. It can be ordered in "A" or "P" configurations. The former allows use of ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS; the latter allows use of PC, PC-ISO, and PCABS. System also offers a significant resolution upgrade for ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS. High resolution setting is 0.005" (0.127 mm).
Stratasys Inc.
Ph: (888) 480-3548

Automation Devices

Company's base slides, block thrusters, and thruster slides, their DPW, DPL, and DTH grippers, and other components all incorporate the company's DirectConnect technology, which allows for connectivity without the use of adaptor plates. This technology provides for virtually any motion, using up to four axes. Manufacturers can create automation systems matched to their operations. Each order of a modular automation system comes with a complete electronic documentation package that includes an applications worksheet, 2-D drawing, 3-D CAD models, catalog datasheets, and other information.
De-Sta-Co, a Dover Co.
Ph: (800) ROBOHAND

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Model HTTF ultrasonic noninvasive flow meters are not affected by suspended solids or gas pockets, and provide accurate, bidirectional flow measurement. Because they clamp onto the outside of the pipe, they are easy to install. The meters can be used with carbon steel and stainless steel pipes, and copper and plastic tubing in sizes from½ to 2" (12.7–51 mm), with liquid temperatures from 0 to 185°F (-20 to +85°C). Remote mount transducers are available for pipe sizes from ½ to 100" (12.7–2540 mm).
Hedland Flow Meter Div. of Racine Federated Inc.
Ph: (800) 433-5263

2-D Data Matrix Symbology

Company announces availability of 2-D data matrix symbology in its MC-2000 Superfast portable, hand-held, computer-controlled dot-peen marking systems. Virtually any material can be indented with human-readable, dot matrix, alphanumeric characters, and a 2-D mark. Portable electric unit allows end users to mark assets, tooling, or large parts in any orientation. Controller options allow the system to be a standalone workstation or fully integrated with host computers. It's well-suited for marking forged, cast, or machined parts that require 2-D symbology to comply with industry specifications.
Mecco Marking & Traceability
Ph: (888) 369-9199

Micromachining Spindle

Designated Air Power Spindle, this unit from BIG Daishowa Seiki provides solutions to the challenges of micromachining. It offers maximum spindle speeds of 80,000 rpm. Used as an additional spindle on a normal machining center, the unit can eliminate the need for an expensive, high-speed machine. It minimizes thermal displacement in the Z-axis for top precision. Combined with the company's Mega Micro collet chuck series, dynamic run-out accuracy is less than 0.002 mm, even at 80,000 rpm. It's available in many spindle types, including CAT40, BT40 and HSK-A63.
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.
Ph: (888) Tool-Pro

High-Pressure Water Deburring

A multistation, high-pressure deburr and washing system, the iJet CNC Water Deburr and Wash Center uses an overhead four-axis part transporter to move parts over a series of singlepoint horizontal and vertical rotary nozzle stations for single-feature chip burr removal, and manifold stations for multiple-feature deburring. It washes, removes chip burrs, rinses, cleans, and dries six faces of a part. Relying on a high pressure (to 5000 psi or 35 MPa) intensified, directed waterjet to remove chips and burrs, the system can handle parts to 300 x 300 x 200 mm weighing as much as 30 kg.
Bertsche Engineering Corp.
Ph: (847) 537-8757

Rotary Table

Tsudakoma TTNC-101-4 rotary table is specially designed for manufacturing fuel injectors with substantial increases in accuracy and productivity versus previous manufacturing methods. The four table spindles are equipped with hydraulically actuated and robotically attended HSK-A100 clamping pods. The HSK-A100 clamping pods have a cylinder force of 1435 lbf at 500 psi (6383 N at 3.45 MPa). This rotary table will be mounted on a high-speed, twin-spindle VMC.
Koma Precision Inc.
Ph: (860) 627-7059

Air-Cooled Spindle

The new air-cooled "Plug and Go" HFK 95 S40 highspeed spindle is designed for fast setup in most vertical or horizontal machining centers. Rated at 4-hp (3-kW) peak power, 2.6-hp (1.9-kW) continuous duty, it provides infinitely variable speeds to 42,000 rpm. Utilizing a manual or automatic spindle change, HFK 95 weighs only 8.6 lb (3.9 kg) for tool-changer usage, and is adaptable to any existing 40 or 50 ISO or CAT taper machine. It's air cooled with no chiller required.
IBAG North America
Ph: (203) 407-0397

Electric Pumps

This new high-efficiency electric pump design reportedly has higher oil flow and bypass pressure, runs cooler, and requires 18% less current than comparable pumps. Totally enclosed, fan-cooled electric motor stands up to industrial environments. Multiple valve and reservoir configurations provide application-specific models to match workholding applications. Optional backlit LCD readout provides hour and cycle counts, low-voltage warnings, and pressure readout when used with a pressure transducer. Model ZW electric pumps come with factory-installed accessories such as valve manifold and return line filter, creating a complete power unit solution.
Ph: (414) 247-5468

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning

Model WRD ultrasonic cleaners can combine batch cleaning, rinsing, and drying in one unit. The three-tank configuration offers a selectable spray immersion rinse. Additional stages, such as two or more rinses, are options. A more compact twotank model combines manual rinse and dry functions in one tank. The systems' transducers are made of electronic grade A nickel, silver brazed to up to 1/4" (6.4-mm) thick, with a type 316L stainless radiating diaphragm (tank bottom). Coils are wound with high-temperature magnet wire.
Ph: (800) 545-0661

Modular Drawers for Shelving

Integrating these modular drawers with shelving units helps you gain storage space. They can adapt to over 35 shelving brands currently on the market and offer a 400-lb (182-kg) capacity per drawer. Several drawer dimensions are available: 36, 42 and 48" (914, 1067, and 1219-mm), wide by 24" (610-mm) deep. You can choose from ten drawer heights and seven side heights. They come with a variety of accessories such as partition, dividers, plastic bins, grove trays and foam for tools.
Rousseau Metal Inc.
Ph: (866) 463-4270

Automatic Positioner/Stop

Heavy Duty2 (HD2) is an electronic replacement for manual stops. This automatic stop/material positioner reduces setup time, increases productivity, increases material yield, and improves accuracy. It can either push heavy stock or be used as a stop. Unit can push with up to 700 lb of force (3114 N), and can be configured to move at up to 60 ips (1524 mm/sec). Repeatable accuracy is +/- 0.004" (0.10 mm). Available in lengths to 120' (36.6 m) in 6' (1.8-m) increments). Optional pneumatic power gripper can keep heavy stock where you want it.
TigerStop Assembly Plant
Ph: (360) 254-0661 Ext. 240

Metalworking Fluid

Water-miscible cutting-and-grinding fluid is intended for use when working with aluminum and cast iron automotive engine and powertrain components. Ecocool S 741 is designed for difficult grinding, cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, honing, and roll-form tapping operations, while providing very good finishes on nonferrous metals and protecting sensitive cast-aluminum alloys from staining. Users wishing to run a common coolant through a plant or across several plants have reportedly found this fluid to be suitable in soft and hard water conditions in central systems and individual sumps.
Fuchs Lubricants Co.
Ph: (708) 333-8900

Lifter for Heavy Workpieces

Cell integrates the company's RobotEasy, ErowaLift 250 and Modular Work Holding System (MTS). Robot Easy accommodates pallets from 50 to 500 mm and weights to 550 lb (250 kg). The 62" (1575 mm) loading arm travel can reach large machines' tables. All of the company's palletizing systems can be utilized with this unit. EROWALift 250 manual lifting device helps operators load either the machine or robot. Maximum transfer weight is 550 lb. The Modular Workholding System (MTS) is a zero-point workholding system. Modular design of clamping equipment allows for a large number of combinations of components.
Erowa Technology Inc.
Ph: (847) 290-0295

Volumetric Calibration/Compensation Software

Windows software for 3-D volumetric calibration/compensation of CNC machine tools and CMM machines allows the measured results of the MCV-500 and Sd-500 laser calibration systems to compensate the geometric errors of the machine; to generate a 3-D volumetric error table to compensate the CNC part program; or to correct the on-machine probing result. An optional AM-500 accessory measures pitch and yaw angular errors. All 21 rigid body errors except the three roll angular errors can be measured. Displacement information is derived by detecting a laser beam, which the control uses to determine position.
Optodyne Inc.
Ph: (310) 635-7481

Oil Smoke and Coolant Mist Collector

Units in the Smog-Hog SHN/SG series eliminate smoke, mist, and dust from a variety of processes, capturing airborne particles before they settle on floors or machinery, or are inhaled. Systems come in various sizes and configurations, and can be ducted, unducted, free-hanging, and machine-mounted. Units come with airflow capacities ranging from 400 to 9000 ft3/min (11–25.5 m3/min). Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology captures contaminants. Units are designed with a Mist-Stop filter composed of aluminum mesh and a high-efficiency coalescing pad to reduce the mist and smoke particles that pass through the ionizer and ESP collection component.
United Air Specialists Inc.
Ph: (800) 252-4647

Cutting Oils

The new PC series of cutting oils reportedly offers the latest in vegetable and polar cutting technology. The combination of vegetable and polar cutting technology is said to ensure that maximum lubrication is delivered directly to the tool/workpiece interface. In addition to lubricating the tool, adding polar cutting technology also lubricates the workpiece/chip discharge zone. This added machining performance is enhanced by a stable flashpoint.
Hangsterfer's Laboratories
Ph: (856) 468-0216

Caged Roller Guide

Type SRG is reportedly the first caged roller guide available to industry. It incorporates an elastomeric cage to isolate rollers. This technique eliminates roller-to-roller contact and roller skewing, as well as yielding other benefits. Eliminating metal-to-metal contact reduces heat, friction, and noise. Operating speeds, product life, and useful life of lubricant are reportedly increased. The company's QZ lubricator (for automatic oil replenishing) and LaCS contact scraper (to clear debris from the rail while the guide moves) are available as options. Side, inner, and end seals are also standard.
THK America Inc.
Ph: (800) 763-5459

Kit for Checking/Aligning Equipment

Microgage complete alignment kit enables maintenance personnel and production teams to check and align manufacturing equipment. It includes a laser transmitter and a digital receiver connected to a hand-held display. Readings appear on a LCD display and alignment units are presented in 0.001 or 0.0001" increments, or in millimeters. A rotating base is included for setting and checking flat planes. A precise 90° beam bender is included for squaring machinery, checking the vertical axis of machine tools, monitoring parallelism of rails, tracks and rollers, and much more.
Pinpoint Laser Systems
Ph: (800) 757-5383

Water Deburring System

Improved version of this company's four-axis Jet-Clean Center high-pressure water-washing and deburring center has a larger 20 x 12 x 12" (305 x 305 x 305-mm) X, Y, Z work area. Spindles have lance or straight nozzles to reach into small passages, and fan and manifold nozzles to clean/deburr exterior/interior surfaces. Unit's pumping station comes with the Triplex positive displacement pump, capable of producing water pressure to 5000, 7000, and 10,000 psi (34.5, 48, and 69 MPa). The pumping station has a 250-gal (946-L) reservoir, filtration unit, and safety interlocks.
Sugino Corp.
Ph: (630) 250-8585

Sump Pump/Skimmer Units

Meant for individual machine-tool sumps, these pump/skimmer units remove tramp oil and suspended solids from the coolant and aerate it by continuous circulation at high flow rate. The three models of the TKO separators employ a half-inch air-operated diaphragm pump. They skim oily coolant from the sump's surface, separate chips and oil, and recirculate the coolant at 180 gal/hr (681 L), aerating the coolant and ensuring there are no stagnant areas where oil and solids can accumulate. The separator can be run when the machine tool is operating or is idle.
Keller Products Inc.
Ph: (800) 352-8422

Machinable Metals

Users of these materials report turning 65-45-12 ductile iron at roughing speeds to 2200 fpm (671 m/min). Others machining regular grades of 80-55-06 ductile iron have increased speeds to 1100 fpm (335 m/min). The firm's Plus G2 gray iron can be machined at speeds of 1200 fpm with increased tool life. G2 gray iron and 65-45-12 and 80-55-06 ductile irons come in round bars in diameters of 5/8–20" (16-508 mm). Squares/rectangles can be obtained in widths to 18.5" (470 mm) and heights to 24" (610 mm). A number of tubes are available.
Ph: (815) 206-7057

Rack-and-Pinion Drive Systems

Preloaded rack-and-pinion drives ensure zero backlash during acceleration, steady state, and deceleration. Company offers two systems: DualDrive DRP+ is torsionally preloaded by winding one pinon against the other. One pinon is considered fixed, the other spring-loaded. This system is driven by one motor. TwinDrive KRP+ units are preloaded by electrically braking one pinion against the other. One pinion drives, the other brakes. This system requires two motors and a special motor controller.
Andantex USA Inc.
Ph: (800) 713-6170

Vacuum Filter

Developed for applications such as grinding, honing, and parts-washing operations that require fine coolant separation, the VacuFilter is a compact vacuum filter unit. It employs a vacuum pump to draw fluids through a filter medium to capture the solids. A drag conveyor pulls and elevates the paper and sludge to a discharge area for disposal.
Mayfran International
Ph: (440) 229-5449

Magnetic Conveyors

MagSlide conveyors transport heavy loads of sharp, abrasive parts that could otherwise damage, jam, or even shut down conventional belt conveyors. Instead of relying on a belt to carry cargo, these conveyors use moving magnets hidden beneath a stainless slider bed to move ferrous materials along the conveyor's surface. Twin-roller drive chains that hold and move the conveyor magnets travel in oil impregnated SlideTrack channels made from UHMW polyethylene. Ceramic magnets are standard, but rare earth magnets may be installed for conveying especially heavy parts, fine scrap, or high-volume loads.
Bunting Magnetics Co.
Ph: (800) 835-2526

Modular Storage System

Called the Storage Wall System, this modular drawer, shelf, and roll-out tray storage system is used for the safe, secure, and organized storage of pre-set CNC and perishable tooling. It's available in two depths and a variety of heights and widths. Drawers can be outfitted with the manufacturer's full line of tool storage accessories, including toolholder frames and toolholders, to accommodate standard-sized CNC and perishable tools. Different drawer heights provide storage for items, from very small to large tools. Drawers and trays can hold up to 440 lb (200 kg) each.
Lista International Corp.
Ph: (800) 722-3020

Electric Spindle

The E3000 electric motor/spindle has been added to the company's high-speed lineup. Spindles are available in 20, 25, and 30-mm diams with power ratings to 350 W and 9 N•m torque. The shorter-length design is well suited for Swiss-type, standard, and specialty machines. Interfaced to a CNC with a selector unit, as many as four spindles can be individually controlled.
NSK America Corp.
Ph: (800) 585-4675

Near Dry Machining System

Company will combine its Micro-Fluidization Systems, used for fluid control and delivery, with their vegetable-based lubricants—Coolube 2210 and 2210EP—to perform CNC drilling and milling. Near dry machining, also known as MQL (minimal quantity lubrication), can often be substituted for traditional wet machining. Coolube 2210 is specifically designed for near dry machining/MQL processes. When used with a MQL application system, it reportedly reduces fluid consumption up to 98%, improves tool life, and removes all excess fluid considerations such as handling, treatment, and disposal by permitting TLL (total loss lubrication).
Unist Inc.
Ph: (800) 253-5462

Metal Cleaning Products

A line of biodegradable, aqueous cleaning products for use with ultrasonic cleaning, soaking tanks, and spray-wash equipment has been introduced. Offered in 1 to 200 kg sizes, Deconex Cleaning Products for Metals feature more than 30 different formulations. Each type of cleaner is optimized to perform a specific process function. Concentrated for dilution from 1 to 4%, depending upon the substrate and process, these cleaners are said to be suitable for all metal, glass, and plastic components.
Technotrade International Inc.
Ph: (603) 622-5011

Marking System

This Q-switched, fiber-delivered ND:YAG laser-marking system is used with the company's proprietary DCRH Class 1 design safety seal. The seal confines the laser beam to a light-tight enclosure that protects assembly operators from laser energy that might be reflected into their eyes, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated room to perform this marking application. Laser comes in 10 or 20-W models. Maximum line speed is 3000 mm/sec, repeatability is +/- 1 part in 4000, and maximum character output is 250/sec.
Mecco Marking & Traceability
Ph: (312) 369-9199

Live Tooling

New line of live tooling is designed to provide increased machine utilization of turning centers. Standard tooling models feature straight, angle, or dual heads and are in stock to fit most popular OEM Turning Centers with motorized turrets. All tools are completely sealed.
SMW Autoblok Corp.
Ph: (847) 215-0591

Dual-Arm Robot

With two six-axis arms, the DA20 dual-arm robot is well suited for assembly, part-transfer, machine-tending, and other handling tasks that could previously be done only by people. It features 13 axes of motion (six per arm and one axis for base rotation). The machine has a 20-kg payload/arm, a 756-mm reach per arm from the centerline of base rotation to tool mounting surface, and +/- 0.01 mm repeatability. Both arms can work together, or can perform tasks independently without throughput degradation. It complies with ANSI/RIA R1506-1999 and Canadian safety standards.
Motoman Inc.
Ph: (937) 847-6200

Tapping Programs

The SynchroFlex program reportedly provides 100% (or more) longer tap life on rigid-tapping applications. New SFT Dual-Purpose accepts shrink fit and ER collet chuck or standard adapters. New SFT TG has the Tremendous Grip spindle for new Ex-HPC extreme, high-performance carbide taps, and new SelectaFlex provides adjustable thrust for additional thrust on difficult-to-machine materials or hard-starting tap geometries. SynchroFlex now also comes with Capto shanks. For high-production CNC applications, the new RCT Reduced Cycle Time is said to simplify tapping and provide shorter cycle times, longer tap life, reduced machine spindle wear, and reduced energy consumption.
Tapmatic Corp.
Ph: (800) 854-6019

Induction Heating System

The EasyHeat CE line now includes 4.2, 6, 9 and 10-kW power levels. Using a patent-pending design, these supplies are capable of 4U rack-mounting in a lightweight package. Units operate over 370 to 520 Vac and weigh 36 lb (16.3 kg). Control features include adaptive tap setting recommendations, the ability to set user-defined heating profiles, and a multilanguage display. The power supply has the option to be controlled remotely through a serial interface.
Ameritherm Inc., an Ambrell Group Co.
Ph: (585) 889-0217

Wastewater Solutions

Evaporative solutions for eliminating sewer discharge of process wastewater and reducing off-site hauling include several different evaporation technologies. They include: the Water Evaporator II (Sentry System) thermal evaporator, the WasteSaver vacuum distillation evaporator, the RunDry boil-to-dry evaporator, and the EnviroStill vacuum, mechanical-vapor recompression evaporator. All process complex wastewater chemistries, and provide consistent operation, high efficiency and low maintenance. Systems incorporate redundant safety sensors and three-stage mist elimination. Units perform on-site treatment of metalworking fluids, chemical vat rinses, process wastes, compressor condensates, etc.
Samsco Corp.
Ph: (603) 668-7111

Shock Absorbers

The Zimmer PowerStop has a progressively reduced channel in the piston for the passage of damping oil from the lower reservoir to an exhaust channel. A hydrostatic slide bearing forms between piston and tube, keeping the oil's mechanical strain low. As it separates the moving elements, the sliding film increases the shock's life. Compared with conventional designs, these devices offer continuous deceleration over the stroke, higher energy absorption at minimal power, and smoother deceleration. Metric diameters: M6 to M45. Type S (soft) is for high striking velocities, Type M (medium) for medium striking velocities, and Type H (hard) for slow striking velocities.
Intercon Automation Parts Inc.
Ph: (705) 727-7801

Portable Fluid Recovery System

Intended for removing solid contaminants from coolant and lubricant fluids, this unit applies the Barrett Clarifuge to remove abrasive swarf, tramp metal particles, and similar contaminants. Mounted on a cart, the centrifuge and the new Clari-Clean centrifuge bowl cleaner are supplied with an 8 gpm (30 L) circulation system. Removed contaminants collect in a drum on the cart, which allows the fluid recovery unit to perform many machine-cleaning operations before contaminants are discarded. This unit is approximately 3' (0.9-m) wide and 6' (1.8-m) long.
Kine-Spin/Barrett Division of Kinefac
Ph: (508) 754-6891

Rotary Union with Sensor

Rotary union with integrated leakage monitoring from OTT-Jakob has a permanently sealed surface, leakage-monitoring sensor, and analog position monitoring sensor. The model 1K-GD-RA-LS rotary union offers constant control of your clamping system, preventing costly damage to the system or spindle. Unit offers: maximum 36,000 rpm; maximum coolant pressure of 80 bar; cleaning air maximum of 10 bar; maximum air pressure (after confirmation) of 5 bar; and filter porosity less than 50.
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.
Ph: (815) 962-6076


The ZGF line of Easy Clean Filters includes models EC 100, 300 and 700. The ZGF "Maggie" and "Dry Mag" provide automatic, in-line, self-cleaning magnetic separators. ZGF employs a patented process using rare Earth magnets which can remove magnetic particles down to 1 µm while also trapping nonferrous materials. Absolute micron sizes range from 20 to 400 with the cross filter element, which is fully interchangeable between products (modular) and has no limit to flow rates.
Zero Gravity Filters Inc.
Ph: (810) 229-7745

Filtration System

The Evolution series is a metalworking filtration system designed for precision machining cutter-grinder applications of carbide, tool steel, PCD, and ceramics. It conditions coolants and oils down to 1µm, while controlling temperature, to avoid thermal distortion. The high-capacity cartridge filter vessel uses five of the manufacturer's High Capacity 623 filter cartridges, which are micron rated, with a total of 210 ft2 (19.5 m2) of surface area. Each cartridge can hold up to 30 lb (13.6 kg) of carbide sludge; a total of 150 lb (687 kg) in the filter vessel.
Ebbco Inc.
Ph: (586) 716-5151

Cutting Fluids

Xtra-Thick and Xtra-Foamy cutting fluids are engineered for extreme cutting applications on tough metalworking materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel. Xtra-Thick is a heavy cutting fluid designed to stay with the tool and workpiece even at high rotation speeds; Xtra-Foamy clings with high visibility to pinpoint application and minimize waste.
Tap Magic, Div. of The Steco Corp.
Ph: (800) 643-8026

Standard Rack-and-Pinion Drives

Expanded range of standard rack-and-pinion drives includes both helical and straight (spur) tooth versions, in an assortment of sizes, materials and quality levels. The product range consists of metric pitches from module 1.0 to 16.0, with linear force capacities of up to 31,000 lb (138,000 N). Rack segment lengths up to 3.00 meters are available standard, with unlimited travel lengths possible by mounting segments end-to-end. Quality levels include soft, induction-hardened, quenched and tempered, and hardened and ground (AGMA 12).
Atlanta Drive Systems Inc.
Ph: (800) 505-1715

Direct Drives

Range of direct drives for rotary tables and linear axes from INA—Drives & Mechatronics (IDAM) includes rotary direct drives such as RI internal rotor motors and RE external rotor motors. Both types were designed as built-in motors, and therefore offer an optimum drive basis for rotary positioning systems and rotary tables. Manufactured to order in customized sizes, they are suitable for use in a range of applications, such as milling heads, rotary tables, or slewing drives of machine tools.
Schaeffler Group
Ph: (803) 548-8500

Centrifugal Separator

CentraSep is a liquidsolid-separating centrifuge. It reportedly solves filtration problems in industrial processes, among them EDM, stamping, washers, grinding, and honing. Process fluids include coolants, phosphate baths, synthetics, semisynthetics, and other aqueous fluids. It has a single 10-hp (7.5-kW) motor and can produce 2012 g. It has a 5 x 5' (1.5 x 1.5-m) footprint.
CentraSep Technologies
Ph: (317) 257-2714 Ext. 110

Exhaust and Filtration Systems

These modular exhaust and filtration systems can be equipped with different filter modules. Depending on the laser process (cutting, marking, engraving) and the materials used, this new design concept allows an optimized filter configuration to extend filter saturation time and minimize maintenance costs. The system can be upgraded after gaining experience or after changes in the workpiece materials.
Ph: (256) 503-9225


This article was first published in the August 2006 edition of Manfacturing Engineering magazine. 

Published Date : 8/1/2006

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