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30 Under 30: Kimberly Jung

Kimberly Jung

Age: 18
Holland, MI
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Kimberly Jung graduated from Holland High School this spring with AP testing credits for history and English that will enable her to take package engineering classes in her first year next fall at Michigan State University. In considering a career path, Kim researched the field of packaging and discovered its many interesting aspects including diversity of materials used and ecological and economic implications that make it an especially challenging career choice.

Last year, when Kim transferred to Holland High, her affinity for the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math, so important in manufacturing, were evident to school guidance counselors who made her aware of the challenges and benefits of joining Holland High’s FIRST (FRC) Robotics Team 74. Holland FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics was founded in 1995 to inspire an appreciation of science and technology.

“FIRST FRC is a tremendous experiential STEM learning activity for high school students. Specifically, it is a worldwide annual competition between teams composed of high school students and community adults. The purpose of the program/competition is to work together to solve a very difficult technical challenge in a short period of time. The end result is a 120-pound robot, designed, developed, built, programmed and used in the competition six weeks after the rules are announced,” said Adam Rolinski of Tiara Yachts Inc., Kim’s nominator.

Kim joined and in 18 months developed a passion for programming, fabrication and wiring the robot and became proficient at writing the control system and monitoring code for the robot using National Instruments LABView software. “I have come to know Kim through our interaction on the Holland High School’s FIRST (FRC) Robotics Team 74. Last summer, she scheduled classes with the team’s lead adult programmer who was available to teach and guide her and others interested in programming. Kim demonstrates tremendous leadership skills regularly applying them through her work and service to our team. She is well spoken, diligent and she does what she says she will do, immediately and well. She achieves through a combination of delegation, teaching, encouraging others and personal effort. She has built on her experiences and developed ways to help her and the other students succeed,” Rolinski said.

Kim was elected by her student peers to be the team’s assistant student captain and in that role has guided a group of six rookie students through this year’s robot development season, teaching, coaching and writing the bulk of this year’s code to control the robot. In addition, Kim added to her skills by learning project management methods including scope identification, communication plans, resource planning, timeline development, risk assessment methodology and contingency planning. She used these skills to plan, track, and develop the control systems code and then implement, troubleshoot, improve and finalize it.

Before heading off to college, Kim committed to the team to teach all interested students control systems, code writing, debugging and implementation. This is a great service to the team in succession planning and skill development for the students who will attend the summer sessions. ME

Published Date : 7/1/2013

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