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ITEAM – Independent Technical Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing Consortium


WHAT’S GOING ON? Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) is a rapidly advancing technology that’s changing manufacturing.

As the technology advances in Additive Manufacturing, SME and our partners are building an expert system that will answer the million dollar questions:

  • Can I print it?
  • Should I print it?
  • What’s the best machine, material and process for a particular part?

THE PROBLEM: Users of Additive Manufacturing technology experience trial and error. There is a strong desire to move faster, but there is this gap between knowledge and capability that limits users in realizing the technology’s full benefit. Manufacturers need a better way to evaluate the feasibility of producing additively manufactured parts amidst the constantly changing field of machines, materials and processes.

ITEAM Photo 1THE SOLUTION – RAPID VIRTUAL EVALUATION PLATFORM: SME is proud to launch a new Additive Manufacturing evaluation methodology, SAM-CT, as the Independent Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing (ITEAM) consortium. Working in collaboration with Dr. Michael Grieves, renowned expert at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and along with GM and other major industry users in automotive, aerospace, and others, ITEAM will provide a virtual repository of Additive Manufacturing machine/material capabilities. ITEAM will also provide a virtual, open platform and evaluation tools to enable users to determine their parts’ suitability to be manufactured additively against the available machines and materials. The ITEAM open platform will encourage the AM community to create specialized AM apps and share AM experiences and feedback.

You can be part of an exciting, new community.

Do you want to stop wasting time and money on parts that just don’t fulfill the potential or make good business sense?
Do you want to prepare for the future and know how to move into DFAM (Design For Additive Manufacturing) to create reduced part and cost innovative assemblies to obtain competitive advantages?

ITEAM Photo 2Sign up today as a foundational member of the ITEAM Consortium and stand alongside industry leaders who, together with SME, are developing an expert system for Additive Manufacturing Users.

Make Better Decisions – answering the ‘can I make it’ and ‘should I make it’ questions is not only valuable for your part-making decisions but critical to driving innovation in machines and materials to meet the needs of all manufacturers.

More Opportunity - Better assemblies designed for Additive Manufacturing with reduced parts count, less material, and less assembly time, more efficiency, and better ROI. The ITEAM System provides access to machinery and material specs with the intelligence built in to suggest the best solution for your specific part.

ITEAM Consortium members receive:

  • First look and access to Beta versions of the system
  • Access to industry leaders and experts developing the ITEAM system
  • Ability to influence development through input and iterative design

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Backed by Industry Leaders

About SME
More than 25 years ago, SME’s rich history of supporting manufacturers led the pioneers and innovators of 3D technologies to make SME the home for their new Rapid Prototyping technical group. Today, SME connects some 200,000 people in 3D manufacturing, continuing the original group’s vision of — and commitment to — creating an extensive community. This includes RAPID + TCT, the largest and most influential Additive Manufacturing event in North America, SME’s Additive Manufacturing member community and more.

About Dr. Michael Grieves
Dr. Michael Grieves is a world-renowned expert on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and virtual-to-physical product engineering and manufacturing. Dr. Grieves is the author of the seminal books on PLM and the originator of the Digital Twin concept. He is the Executive Director of Florida Tech’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) and a University Research Professor. Dr. Grieves has over 40 years technical, executive and board experience in the information technology, manufacturing, and sports industries.

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