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30 Under 30: Jason Dube

Jason Dube

Age: 29
Siemens Industry Inc.
Troy, MI
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Perhaps it’s because manufacturing is in his blood, but Jason Dube is excited about engineering. Growing up in Windsor, ON, Canada, a focal point of the North American auto industry, Jason was not only exposed to manufacturing but was a member of a manufacturing family.

“My grandfather worked in the Ford Windsor casting plant,” he said, “and my father worked on the electrical side, in controls. It motivates you to be in an industry that’s dynamic. It led to an interest in engineering.” That interest led to the University of Windsor and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

It did not, however, lead to a job directly in the auto industry. While Jason did work for Ford during college, his point of view was a broad one.

“My motivating factor,” he said, “was to find an employer to not only provide me with an immediate, challenging position, but one that was also able to offer me room to grow. That way if I grew tired of manufacturing or a particular area of engineering I would be able to move on but stay with the same employer. Siemens was able to offer me that alternative.”

That attitude has paid off for Siemens as well as for Jason. “On any given day,” said Steve Czajkowski, Jason’s manager and the person who nominated him for 30 Under 30, “he is able to cover a wide range of topics—from assisting machine tool builders who are designing and implementing Siemens motion control and automation technology, to developing and testing software functions for these technical products, developing training courses, and assisting end-users who are applying Siemens technology to an entire manufacturing facility.  This covers a wide variety of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and industrial, along with computer programming.

“His current role has allowed him to work with many manufacturing applications and projects, helping him to apply Siemens technology to a process while educating him about the process, how it works, and the technical constraints when providing solutions that range from simple and complex automotive applications, to milling, turning, grinding, nibbling, induction, ultrasonic welding and aerospace machining.”

And that’s more than fine with Jason. “I like coming in and working with all the different technologies,” he said. “I’ve been in the same position for six years, but it’s not the same job. It’s always changing.”

Being an employee of a supplier company, customer relations is an essential part of the job, and Czajkowski praised Jason’s acumen in this area, too: “Jason pairs his technical knowledge with an outstanding customer focus.  He is able to communicate at a level customers can easily understand—which is why they continue to ask for him time-and-time again.”

Looking to the future, Jason would like to stay right where he is—sort of. “I’d like to stay in the engineering group and be able to work with the new technologies that come out every year and work with the new industries such as medical and aerospace & defense that are blossoming. I’d also like to have the opportunity to get into management, particularly product management. To be in a management role with Siemens would be great.”

To that end, he is considering enrolling in grad school to pursue a management degree. ME

Published Date : 7/1/2013

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