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30 Under 30: Recognizing the Future Leaders of Manufacturing

July 2013 Cover
Manufacturing Engineering celebrates the inaugural 30 Under 30 honorees in the pages that follow. These young people have taken the road less traveled—and they deserve recognition for it.

Modern culture doesn't do enough to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, let alone Manufacturing. Yet these are the fields that allow us to eat, live, heal, entertain and protect ourselves. Without competence and leadership in these areas, our country is in trouble.

Many of the people selected to be honored in these pages appreciate the importance of the work they do. We know that they will make a difference. In fact, many of them already are. Take 14-year-old Ananya Rajagopal, for example. She led a team that developed a time- and temperature-sensitive erasable bar code that could keep customers from buying contaminated food—a potential life-saving innovation.

Ananya—with her 29 peers here—represent all of the young people who we believe will save and extend the life of the US manufacturing industry. They are proving that competence in STEM, including manufacturing, breeds innovation and economic success. ME

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 Catherine Ross
Kevin James Shaw
Meghan West
Christina Borgese
Alexandria Moseley
Sri Atluru
Allen Henri
Ananya Rajagopal
Chad Frank
Raymond Manning
Jason Dube
Catherine Tradd
Aubrey Kelley-Cogdell
Kimberly Jung
Jandre TerreBlanche
Bret Weber
Lauren Welch
Afton Hollertz
Amanda Nixon
Cody Leuck
John Giraldo
Daniil Popov
Ronald Olkowski III
Lotheronie Raby
Kyle Rhodes
Ryan Stephenson
Ryan Boehm
Anabel Ugalde-Huebe
Jesse Paschall
Brandon Killian

Published Date : 7/8/2013

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