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2017 SME Award of Merit

Since 1958, the SME Award of Merit award has been bestowed on outstanding SME members who, in the judgment of the International Awards & Recognition Committee, have made valued, balanced contributions to SME's professional activities and growth. John Agapiou, PhD, FSME, is being recognized with the 2017 SME Award of Merit for his 30+ years of valued, balanced contributions to SME's professional activities and growth.

John AgapiouJohn Agapiou, PhD, FSME
Technical Fellow Engineer

Global Research & Development

General Motors
Warren, Michigan  

Agapiou is a technical fellow engineer, Global Research & Development, for General Motors working in the Manufacturing System Research Lab. He has 32 years of manufacturing experience in various machining areas, quality assurance, and technology development and implementation roles. The last several years, Agapiou has been devoted to the development of high-volume manufacturing processes, including in-process inspection for electric motors. He has been active in developing manufacturing innovations as a competitive advantage through participation with industry consortiums, research institutes and universities. Agapiou has been successful developing new ideas utilizing the best of GM’s internal resources and leverage partnerships with external resources. In addition to all his practical engineering and fundamental research efforts, he was involved in the education and training of the next generation of manufacturing engineers by teaching part time at Wayne State University for 20 years. He holds over 30 patents covering areas as diverse as machining processes, tooling, metrology and manufacturing processes for a variety of electric motors applications. Agapiou has held a wide variety of SME leadership positions, including chapter chair Oakland-Macomb Chapter 69, member of SME’s International Awards & Recognition Committee and served as the 2012-13 North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) president. He received the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award in 1992 and the S.M. Wu Research Implementation Award in 2015. Agapiou holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Louisville and a doctorate in manufacturing from the University of Wisconsin. SME Member Since 1981